Friday, May 11, 2007

How about TransMile?

My Dearest Sahamgurl,

  • Any chance of light for transmile?? I still like the biz model despite the recent hoopla..

Given what is happening, from an investing perspective, what I believe we have is a whole bunch of unknown factors. At this moment of time, we do not know exactly what is happening and neither do we know the extent of the troubles, if any.

So frankly, I do not see how I would want to invest in Transmile at this moment of time because there is no way I could make a rational investing decision.

But the greatest risk is if TransMile is guilty of wrong doing. IF. And if that happens, one cannot really treat TransMile as a quality stock anymore. For the issue of integrity is then gone. Ah yes, the business model will still have value. But then it becomes a case where one is forced to value a company whose integrity has been shot to pieces!

Of course, if forced to, I could speculate and I could guess but all I am doing is I am speculating what would happen.

And frankly, this is simply beyond me and it's certainly beyond me to speculate if there is a chance of light for TransMile now.

By the way, there is a decent collection of articles and comments at on TransMile. Do refer to this posting: