Thursday, November 17, 2005

See Ya at One Zilo Zilo Five!

Oh yeah, Star Business section had this nice little-tiny-weenie write-up on OSK Research: KLCI to hit 1,005 points within a year.

What is so geng with these cowboys is One-Zilo-Zilo-Five.

So accurate wor.

Really so geng ah?

Also got time frame and got exact points wor.

How lah?

Aiseh or behsai?

This section of the write-up got me attention:


“Increase in interest rates will result in higher cost of running the business, thus having an mpact on banks' net interest margins.

We need a hike in interest rates because of the gap with other regional countries, except for Singapore. As it is, our rates are way below the rates in the US,” Yee said.

This got me thinking lah...

Now if the hike in interest rates does happen because of this differential gap in interest rates then i wonder what will happen to our market?

Interest rates goes up… stock market in general go up or down?

And then…

The market was likely to pick up from next month onwards as traditionally, December to February is peak season due to adjustment of portfolio by fund managers, he said.

Ahh…Ze Year-End-Rally. Ze Chinese New Year Rally.

Harlo? This DeepaRaya got rally onot?

Sooooooo.... issit safe to make such assumption?

And then…

“If our Malaysian story is strong, there is no reason for foreign fund managers not to look at Malaysia. Our fundamentals are intact. We are seeing good GDP (gross domestic product) growth next year,” he added.

I wonder…if our Malaysian story is strong.. what and why is causing the current outflow of hot money? Why, why tell me why? Also is GDP growth really a good indication of our share market?

"OSK estimated the immediate support level for the CI at 888 points"


888 wor.

Aiyahhhh... dun be so mean and nasty lah... at least these OSK buggers were brave and bold enough to estimate and ASS-U-ME the immediate support level loh.

Me? Can't u see that i am hiding in my ninja-turtle-shell... keke


Edit: 18th Nov 2005

Ahh.. I was wondering what was OSK's outlook for 2005. I did some digging and i found this in their Dec 2004 market write-up, Riding High , see page 11.

Going into the New Year in about one month’s time, we remain optimistic of the local bourse’s direction in the near term as the right ingredients are indeed there for the market to march forward, especially due to the fact that the KLCI is nowonly trading at about 14.1x 2005 earnings. Pegging a fair PER of 16x for the market, the 100-stock index is poised to cross the 1,000 pts mark and reach our fair value of 1,050 pts in 12 months time. A thorough analysis of our expectations for next year will be made available in our 2005 market outlook report, slated to be issued by the end of December 2004.

How nice.... 2005 estimate was One-Zilo-Five-Zilo... 2006 target is One-Zilo-Zilo-Five.....