Friday, November 18, 2011

Open Letter For Samgoss: Allegations Of Being A Liar And A Cheater

Dear Ah sam,

It was a change to see that you finally have the guts to post under your own blogger profile Samgoss.You certainly caught me by surprise after all these many years of posting under multiple blogger nicks. For me, it was an act of cowardice. Hiding under these multiple nicks you had made continued meaningless comments harassing other blogs, like fusioninvestor, malaysiafinance and nexttrade. And you even went on to make continued posting against these bloggers. And your continued war of words against nexttrade simply blew my mind. Why the need for such childish acts?

Makes me wonder. You claim you have 3000 subscribers. WOW! Good for you.

But as you are aware, ms. jackie made a serious allegation against you.

Let me repeat again what was written, just in case you forgotten all about it. You know, just to refresh your memory.

  • Moola, that guy is a cheater and liar and screwing his subscribers left right center. My girlfriend, who followed him, just complained to me that he is an unscrupulous man.
    Why she said that ?
    She told me that he made a call on PJDEV-WC long before market downturn. Price went down from more than 0.30 to less than 0.20, but not before most of his subscribers bought in at more than 0.35, because he always made the call to buy after he load up on the stock first (you get what I mean by cheater), so most will chase it up.
    I was told that his average price was also slightly higher than 0.30 for 300 lots. and when market downturn, he advised his subscribers not to average down but hold onto whatever they have bought, because he himself is not buying and selling this counter.
    then all of a sudden today, he posted up that his average price for PJDEV WC is now 0.24. when queried, he said he made a deal with one of his fan to share the fan's holding of this counter at sharing of profit and loss at 50/60 ratio.
    she was really upset with this cos it showed that he can say whatever he wants to defend himself. He will always be right, no matter what. THat is why she is calling him a liar and cheater.
    Well , what do i know, i am just a housewife who listens to my girlfriends' rants.
    anyone is welcome to comment about this, including sam.
Now that's a very, very serious allegation. You charged members for subscriptions. Members pay because they wanted your so-called stock tip. When the stock fell good, you are accused of fudging your average buy price. By changing this average buying price lower, your stock portfolio certainly would look good. And yeah, a good looking stock portfolio is very important for your business.

According to jackie, you then told your subscribed members that your buying prices for PJDEV-WC is much lower. From an average buying price of 30 sen, your buying price suddenly became 24 sen.

Fudging and changing such important data is a massive no-no. You cannot be doing such a thing. It's bad for your subscription business. And yes, you will be called a liar and a cheater.

Oh yes, I shall give you credit for being brave enough to reply to jackie on this small blog of mine. However, I was utterly appalled by your shocking behaviour in your reply for it was simply unsavoury. Jackie declared that she was a housewife and her friend (which is girl) made these allegations. And what did you do? You asked if she was a lesbian!!


Here's your exact comments.
  • to jackie..just curious...on first sentence , u put girlfriend subscribed to sam blog, at last sentence u said " i am just a house wife " woww which is which..r u a lesbian ?
    so... who is liar n cheater ^_-LOL!

    Pjdev-wc? woww... asked ppl not 2 catch d falling knife oso wrong arh ? so.. r u guys making now ?
    perhaps u should tell me those who hv made from " stocks in my radar 2 " a months ago... r there get cheated by me oso ? LOL!

    u wanna 2 tell lie..pls make sense abit lah.. dun be so cheap like mo mo cow mah !

    hello mo..thanks 4 posting up my ? aiyahh..where got free lunch in this world ... fyi... ppl only cares how much u can help them 2 make money ..d rest who cares..more over when come 2 shares info n integrity is always there , on earth I can get >3,000 members 4 my private blog ? how on earth I can survived since year 2000 ?
    k..that is enuf 4 today..wait till this week end ok ? i will give u a good write up later! 88 n take care
And you refrained from answering the accusation that you changed your average buying price from 30 sen to 24 sen. That's a serious allegation. And you simply refused to answer. Instead you start of by asking if she is a lesbian! And then you divert the whole thing by saying others have made money from your other tips.

But that's not the point isn't it?

I can understand, you as a owner of a private subscription webstite, a website which charges a fee, that you want to look good with ALL of your stock tips. You cannot have a stinker of a stock recommendation. That stock you recommended to your subscribers at 35 sen fell to 20 sen. That obviously look really bad.

But for you to change your average buying price from 35 sen to 20 sen, is a big no-no. It's cheating and it's bad for business.

And the last passage in your reply to jackie:
  • aiyahh..where got free lunch in this world ... fyi... ppl only cares how much u can help them 2 make money ..
Oh yes, I agree so much in what you are saying on the free lunch thing. It's like Alex Lu of nexttrade. He post his own reasoning and recommendations free of charge in his free website.  Hmm ... everything is FREE from Alex but the difference for you sam is that you charge money.

You charge your subscribers money. No money no entry to your private blog.

From this perspective, I am sorry but sam, by collecting these subscription monies, you no longer have the right to make such a statement. Yes, you collect money and when your stock tips go bad, you CANNOT tell your subscribers 'where got free lunch in the world'.

So it's so important that you answer that allegation against you.

Did you not change your average buying price from 30 sen to 24 sen?

And your subsequent reply to jackie...
  • 2 jackie , another proof to show that samgoss is a conman, dare to click this ?;

    TDM cost 2.68+ ^_-
    latest update..sold all my remaining tdm @ 3.27 just now...bal is now arh ? y yr friend never tell u about this meh ?

    still cheating arh ? LOL!
Sorry but I have to LOL now!


Diverting the main issue is simply pathetic.

What has your buying and selling of TDM got anything to with you changing the average buying price of your PJDEV WC?

And oh, your TDM.

Here's another good one.

On that reply of yours, you boasted your cost of TDM was 2.68 and you sold at 3.27.


Now take a look at your last reply.

  • yah almost jackie... TDM closed @3.42 in mid day...another 12 cts up, yr so called "girl friend " still holding arh ? LOL
Ah.... I find it very strange you bring out TDM. Why? Because you have already state that you sold at 3.27 and you have zero balance. How nice. You sold and the stock moved higher and you still want to brag about it?

And then you now insist jackie is mr. From a lesbian to a mr. You seriously have something against female, ah? Do you have an inferior complex when you speak to a female?

But all this is still besides the point.

DID you change the average buying price for PJDEV-WC from 0.30 to 0.24?

This is an important issue for your business and for jackie and her girlfriend, I believe you owe them a sincere reply. No more beating around the bush, no more rudeness and just answer the question.
Not answering would simply be bad for your business.
Do take care.
Have a good weekend.


1 M said...

PJDev - WC

Moolah said...

1 M: Err... is that a shopping list?

FUREX said...

Good on Moo!

Yattaman said...

Those are Sam's failure list. Still remember when he attack Alex for Evergreen? Now should thanks Alex for his sell call.

I can also confirm that he said he has enough PJDEV-WC and will not buy unless < 0.15, don't put all your eggs in one basket... but he bought anyway.

Moolah said...

That's his failure list?


Thanks for sharing.

Moolah said...

Dear all,

I receieved some kind advice and I would like to mention the following.

If you wish to make a comment, please do not use any vulgar language. All comments that includes any foul words would not be published.

And many thanks for reading.

Many thanks for your understanding on this simple issue.

DJ Max said...

Wah, 1 year cover less than 15 stocks, 7 of them is losing stocks?

Anyone knows?

Moolah said...

Bonescythe: Yes, that's not too impressive for someone who charges subscription for their tips.

But this allegation of sam changing the average stock price for a stock he alledgedly bought is a rather serious issue.

Where's the integerity?

DJ Max said...

There is no integrity at all in the beginning in Old Fart Sam blog, totally. Even blogger post are edited before posting out.

Moolah said...

He is crafty all right. When he was accused of lying and cheating, he decided to use the diversion tactic.

He drew focus away from the lie accusation by being rude and obnoxious. Calling jackie names certainly achieved what he wanted. The focus will then be on jackie, who she is and not on the lie accusation.

Then he drew attention by insisting he is good by making huge claims he got so many thousand of subscribers.

And to add spice to the diversion, he highlighted one stock which turned out ok.

Yeah, he want to say he is good in a pathetic attempt to draw focus away from his cheating way.

And the biggest irony was, the stock he bragged upon, TDM, moved higher and he continued to brag on the issue DESPITE he had sold that he had sold it all AT A LOWER PRICE and have zero balance left. So funny, no more stock on hand and still want to brag.

Yeah... certainly drew attention away from the CHEATING accusation.

Oh... let me guess, to draw attention away from this posting, he would probably try to shift focus on WHO Molah is and try to dig up dirt on me.

Yeah... shift focus away from the cheating issue, attack the accusers.


So pathetic, really.

maverick said...

Given the way Sam has behaved all these years, everyone in his right mind knows Sam is very very sick and ill mentally. So why wasting your time on Sam. Not worth it.
Confucius says : He who is a fool and knows not that he is a fool is a real fool. Shun him!

Moolah said...

maverick: thanks!

Good suggestion. :)

DJ Max said...

Moolah, I can agree no more with your comments that OFS would always divert topic when he is at the losing end.
Remember him telling me that my pick succeeded because backed by FA, but how can JCY and MMode have FA?

After losing 99 miles away from me, and I criticize his low grade English, and he started here by telling me that he is Chinapek upfront, and all sort of reason he can have. Then he started to post Mandarin to me, saying that I had no roots, and banana - 無根並無恥的香蕉人, but not knowing that I am Chinese literate for 12 years.

And that is how he divert things around. Maverick got the point right - He who is a fool and knows not that he is a fool is a real fool.

Let the troll feed the troll by eating his own troll..


Moolah said...

Good point. :)

alwayswin111 said...

Sam is so pathetic. What's wrong with him. I can only pray for his soul. I subscribed to his blog 2 years ago and then stopped because I didn't like his abusive language and quite put off by his quarrelsome manner in dealing with people.
I only hope that his subscribers "wake up" soon . This Sam strikes me as a very "SAD ,ANGRY AND LONELYperson.
Please learn humility from Alex, Moolah, Dali, Bonescythe,
Horse and Hng. I enjoy their write ups and blogs, and their unselfish sharing.

Zachary said...

yup, sam is an unethical blogger indeed. He "curi-curi" cut loss SCOMI-LA without posting-up in his private blog. When he caught by one of the subscriber, he said "oops, i forgot to post it up"... such a lame excuse to me. I lost 80K for his calling in this counter.

1 M said...

The shopping list make me loss badly....

I never seen you or other critic him as both methosds have it way of playing, but he always open fire on all of you.

I have to admi that some of his picks are good but I can't accept averaging down PJDEV- WC.

ck 5354 brought up a very good point,there is no right or wrong for either TA or FA. However, I still can remember that he said he is holding 300k PJDEV-WC at RM 0.305+/-.

Whether a person is banana or not, is it not an important issue, this is the choice of that particular person or a by product of the decision of his parents' decision.

To me, don't critic, don't blame as long as you are in this line, this is why even I loss badly follow his picks, I never complained openly.

Cheers everybody

Moolah said...

alwayswin111: Sam had been spamming my blog for many donkey years already. He had always used that one blogger profile where he kept changing the blogger profile name.

He even went to the extent of using other blogger names to post his 'quarrelsome' spams. He STOLE bloggers names such as snowball to post his spam on my blog.

Really shameful.

His comments had been ignored until the other day, when he finally was brave enough to post using his blogger profile, samgoss.

K C said...

Most of the stocks in Sam's "failure" list actually have values and I think one should not belittle him for them. Share price may not mirror value, especially in the short term. Even a person makes many wrong calls, so what? Investment is not rocket science man. In fact I have been very surprise to read about bloggers making money all the time in their blogs, never seem to lose money even once. There is lack of credibility. Having critical comments on some methods like TA is also alright to me because everybody has his view and it is ok to argue about it. That is how one can learn from others too. But don't use demeaning name on the person. I am a "se-pu-se" (Chinese ed) too and I know it is against our Chinese culture to do so.

Moolah said...

Great points K C!

Yes, everyone making stock recommendation will have their own setbacks or failures.

This is a very much acceptable issue with me. I have zero problems with it.

Like folks like Alex or even Dali they will have their own mistakes, and in the future, they could most likely make another mistake. It's much understandable.

However there's ONE massive difference. Folks like Alex and Dali do it FREE on their website. And in this sense, the one phrase used by samgoss, 'where got free lunch' in the world holds very true. However, what sam fails to understand, he charges his readers for this tip. Ok even if one charges for the tips, there's no guarantees in the world. But do you see Alex and Dali cover up their mistakes? No they don't. Not that I am aware of. But look at the difference here with sam. He fudges the data. According to the feedbacks here, he asks folks to buy PJDV-WC when it was 35 sen. He told his members his cost was 30 sen. (looking good eh? sifu price must be low mah.. to make the tip seductive and most importantly the sifu looks super good). But when the stock tanks, he pulls the rabit out of the hat declaring his cost is now 24 sen. How do you call this? This is not even an integrity issue. In fact I would ask is this lying or is this cheating?

Seriously, if he had made a mistake, so what, be a man, own up to his money PAYING readers. Yes?

And then the other one commented that he curi-curi cut loss at Scomi-LA !!??!!

And another thing, do we see bloggers like Dali and Alex highlighting every single mistake samgoss makes? No they don't. They realise such actions is pathetic and stupid. So why is samgoss continuing to attack Alex all the time?

Is it an nferiority complex issue? Does samgoss feels threatened?

Ahhh.. from the money issue i can understand. Alex gives free tips on his blog while sam patheticly attempts to make an extra buck from his so-called tips. And from a business perspective, I guess to protect his money making scheme, he feels he should attack every other bloggers.

And this is to me, it is so pathetic.

Moolah said...

K C: Let me show you some of the wonderful things he did.

This is your blogger profile. ( Scroll your mouse or click on your name and you will see it. )

Now check this comment out. Samgoss changed his profile to KC to spam my blog. Let me ask you, what's he purpose? To achieve hate between you and me?

Look at the second last comment:

KC said...

I have bought in Kzen @0.21 as per yr call on Monday , it is now 0.18, still worth to hold or should we trigger the stop loss button ?

Pls advice & tq.

Btw, I am still holding EAH @ cost of 0.52 also , I believe it should be a good hold for long term right ? coz I have confident on yr pick.

If you scrolled over this KC, you would see it is not you and this KC has the same blogger profile which he used to post many idiotic comments on this blog.

Remember that profile number... xxx9051 and i will show you another comment....

Moolah said...

In the posting, he tried to post under DALI!

No kidding.

See the second last comment:

Moo . take a look at this -

小试牛刀 said...
I thought the same sam , from the reaction of ze mo & the way he didnt give bumi armarda a break , I strongly believed he must be one of old bumi armarda victim , seeing he got so frustrated on bumi armarda , we really pity him .

Btw , my sifu 丐幫小子 has commented about tws, what say you uncle sam ?

July 25, 2011 10:29 AM

Samgoss said...
Hi 小试牛刀, u got it absolutely RIGHT !

Do U know y he keeps barking on BA ? cos he doesnt wanna 2 lose face ! still wanna 2 grap sand from floor after falling from sky ha ha.

I have also posted my comment in yr sifu blog, take a look ^_-

tws ? good stock but it has shot up alot, not advice 2 buy @ high .


That's not Dali of Malaysiafinance!

Moolah said...

In the posting, samgoss steals a frequent blogger Mun Wai and posted the following:









And if you scroll over this fake mun wai blogger profile, you would see XXXX9051.

The same blogger profile that masqueraded your nick, Dali's nick, snowball's nick and Mun Wai's nick!!!!

Nice work from samgoss, eh?

alwayswin111 said...

To sum up... SAM is a CRAZY, INFERIORITY COMPLEX person.
I have a feeling he must be incurring BIG LOSSES which is why he is acting this way.
And he REALLY NEEDS to keep whatever members he has, or he will not have any income .
How pathetic.. ....
To the rest of you I mentioned earlier , keep up the good work. Another blog worth visiting also is 'Investment towards financial freedom" by Reiccs.
You all have my respect and thanks except MAD SAM.

Moolah said...

You have the url for that blog to share with others?

alwayswin111 said...

The blog is:-
His technical analysis is quite good.

Big Sea said...

Actually I believe FA is better than TA. However, I don't think Samgoss is doing FA at all. Frankly speaking I think Nextrade has done even better FA than Samgoss. I hope Alex don't feel insulted because I compare Samgoss and his work.

I was once thinking about subscribing to Samgoss, but when a friend of mine show me how his website looked like, I decided to drop the idea because I did not see any serious FA at all. In fact, some of his call is driven more by news/sentiment than FA. A serious FA guys will recommend PJDEV and not PJDEV-WC. PJDEV-WC has no intrinsic value at all.

Moolah said...

Big Sea: Many thanks for your views.

However, not to sound rude but I am not interested in comparing and I really think it's the biggest insult to compare him to Alex. It's really degrading.

See the issue is simple.

He claim he's good. But when the stock he recommends tanks, what does he do?

One claim that on one occassion, he quietly cut loss.

The current claim? the stock he recommeded tanked and he then manipulated his average buying price from 30 sen to 24 sen for PJDEV-WA.

Now is this right?

And look at what he has done. He even went to the sickening extent of impersonating other blogger profiles to post comments of hatred.

To compare Alex to such a low life?

Yeah, I think it's really degrading.


jackie said...

My girlfriend is so cute; she even bothered to send me this info and screenshot of sam's blog and ask me to help her post it up.
There was a concerned subscriber asking sam for direction as PJDEV WC dove to 0.19 - pls copy the above link to your web browser URL to view the screenshot of sam's rather arrogant reply.
hmmm....after having to pay a fee in return for sam's promise to guide them to make big money from at least 8 out of his 10 FA-based sure-win stock picks or 80% of the time, this is the arrogant and unhelpful reply from him? And to pay a fee to gain access to his blog for stock picks that will get your hard-earned money stuck until 2019.....???

Sam is earning hundreds of thousands ringgit from his so-called 3000+ subscribers per year, that he can definitely afford to get his money stuck till 2019 . but definitely not his subscribers, who will need the money to pay for next month's mortgage or car loan or insurance premium. I guess most of them won't get to use this money till 2019, will they?

My girlfriend always tells me that she is surprised there is absolutely not one out of his 3000+ subscribers, that will question him on his stocks that went the wrong way. How come ? It is not possible, right ? Surely, there are some (or many)comments that question sam but sam is not going to approve those comments as it will make sam look bad.
Any comments you see are mostly praises from a handful who claimed to have gained so much and so much from him in a short few months due to his "excellent stock picks". But absolutely no negative comments at all.

I always wonder why sam does not spend more time to guide his susbcribers properly in this difficult time instead of spending so much of his time to attack other bloggers incessantly and going to their blogs to post negative comments under many different pseudonyms. Bear in mind that these bloggers who were attacked with crude name calling and very personal nasty remarks did not provoke him at all in the first place.

Sometimes I do wonder if sam has any ulterior motives at all. After all, he makes the announcement only after he buys the stocks. isn't it highly probable that after making the announcement of his stock pick, he would be the one who slowly unloads as his subscribers chase it up. of course he actually buys the stock, but he could make handsome daily contra gains by offloading a certain portion to his subscribers chasing after the stock.

Moolah said...

jackie: My girlfriend always tells me that she is surprised there is absolutely not one out of his 3000+ subscribers, that will question him on his stocks that went the wrong way. How come ? It is not possible, right ? Surely, there are some (or many)comments that question sam but sam is not going to approve those comments as it will make sam look bad.

-->> Ahh that's another good point. Why no one questions him on stocks that went bad?

Well like bonescythe said 'sam edits all comments made'.

With all this editing how to expect any bad comments?

Akagi Shigeru said...

I am not sure about this. But I think we have a case. If it is true that Sam asked his subscribers to buy while he was selling it, that was certainly fraud or a scam. Someone can bring this to court or MACC or even SC.

random said...

I cant view the image, can anyone else see it?

Moolah said...

random: Can see la..

random said...

lol what a joke

Moolah said...

Yeah accused of being a liar and a cheater, he dared not even answer to this posting.

What a joke.

I can still remember he using the nick 'okateng' and started posting remarks about other people's mother. What a shame to all Malaysians. Too bad I don't have the time to search for those postings.....

And oh... those comments he wrote on OSK188 forum (closed - guess why) belongs to Malaysian hall of shame too.

1 M said...

Is Dr Tan also Sam ?

Do you have any previous about the OSK incident? Would like to know more.

Salute to you, Darli and Alex.

1 M said...

I don't know whether will he remove those unfavorable comments to him or not, but he did amend the content of the comment. What had been published sometimes is not what the member wrote.