Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Yet Another Meaningless Attack From Samgoss

Must be the season.

Hey do you remember this posting: Do You Want To Know ...... Oh yeah, the posting about the utterly meaningless. He created multiple blog user names to spam posting of hatreds on other blogs ( see how he attacked Alex Lu's blog shown in the posting Totally Meaningless  and to top that, he was caught red handed using multiple blogger nicks to promote himself on his blog!

Check out this link on his blog. All the comments. under different names, comes from the same blogger profile! LOL! - 

A blog where the owner creates multiple users promoting how good the owner is. LMAO! What a tosser!

And as I said, this must be the season. This time Samgoss decided he was brave enough to post under his own nick!


Good that he finally has the balls to make an utter nonsense posting under his own blogger profile and not be a coward hiding under multiple nicks.

And by doing so, he has given yet another conclusive evidence of his past shenanigans ( I wonder if he understands this word. )

Now check this out. In the posting:

  • Samgoss said...

    to all bloggers in town , read this >

    Tastless ?

    Talk about low class n tastless, no one can beat mo mo cow !

    critics Tan Teng Boon n osk r even low class than tony, not only akagi shigeru agreed on that, we samgang oso 100% agreed on how cheap ze mooloah can be !LOL!

    Thief calling to catch thief !LOL!

    Moolah always thought he got class n taste..LOL! ha ha

    He always thought he is a class above others ^_- LOL!

    Who r u moolah ? u r just an arrogant low class banana ! what better name can be awarded than this !? LOL !
Like I had mentioned in the posting, Do You Want To Know ...... , scroll over the name Samgoss, and you will get the blogger profile Remember that profile number.

And the key phrase is this 'to all bloggers in town' .....

Hmm.... now where have I heard this phrase before?

Oh.... check this comments from the posting...
  • Clearwater said...

    To all bloggers in town , read what moolah's fan describe the character of mad cow .....
Now Clearwater blogger profile is the very same blogger profile highlighted in the posting Do You Want To Know ..... and the blogger profile number is 13845454760825339051.

Now check out this comments from the posting... Can you the posting from Ms. Emily Leong? Yeah, she decided to join the fun. But Emily Leong has the very same profile as Clearwater which is 13845454760825339051. LOL!

One blogger profile, two blogger names but both using the same phrase 'to all the bloggers in town'...

LOL! Utterly childish or what?

Then in the posting The same blogger profile 13845454760825339051 struck again. This time, the user name is jeremy tan and Mr. Jeremy Tan also decided to use 'to all the bloggers in town...'


And then there is more! In the posting, the same blogger profile strikes again. This time, the user name is KC  and KC also uses 'to all the bloggers in town...'.

And check out all the contents. Why exactly the same like Samgoss one?


I could show more but it's really getting boring and meaningless, yes?

Hmmm.... where should I file this posting?

Oh yeah... it goes under the label


Akagi Shigeru said...

My previous post comments ...

jackie said...

Moola, that guy is a cheater and liar and screwing his subscribers left right center. My girlfriend, who followed him, just complained to me that he is an unscrupulous man.
Why she said that ?
She told me that he made a call on PJDEV-WC long before market downturn. Price went down from more than 0.30 to less than 0.20, but not before most of his subscribers bought in at more than 0.35, because he always made the call to buy after he load up on the stock first (you get what I mean by cheater), so most will chase it up.
I was told that his average price was also slightly higher than 0.30 for 300 lots. and when market downturn, he advised his subscribers not to average down but hold onto whatever they have bought, because he himself is not buying and selling this counter.
then all of a sudden today, he posted up that his average price for PJDEV WC is now 0.24. when queried, he said he made a deal with one of his fan to share the fan's holding of this counter at sharing of profit and loss at 50/60 ratio.
she was really upset with this cos it showed that he can say whatever he wants to defend himself. He will always be right, no matter what. THat is why she is calling him a liar and cheater.
Well , what do i know, i am just a housewife who listens to my girlfriends' rants.
anyone is welcome to comment about this, including sam.

Moolah said...

jackie: Many thanks for sharing but I cannot comment in detail simply because I'm in no position to comment since I do not have the details in full.

One thing which I can comment is that when one subscribes to such blogs, one runs the risk of being a 'second hand buyer' of the mentioned stock - ie the stock promoter has the glorious option of buying first and then making the buy call later.

Quote: 'then all of a sudden today, he posted up that his average price for PJDEV WC is now 0.24'

Ahh... that's an extremely scandalous thing to do. If what you are saying is true, this is simply cheating and scamming on his subscribers!

Anyway from this perspective, many years ago, OSK188 had a public forum ( but that forum was forced to shutdown many thanks to the continous spat between samgoss and other forummers ) and I caught samgoss fudging (changing buy price and once, he used an old outdated research report to promote his stock!) info, several times before.

So I am not a bit shocked to read what you are saying here.

James said...

this samgoss really f*ck*ng noob i could said, his blog totally childish...

Samgoss said...

Hey hey hey...mad cow pei tahan liaoo..

he counter me with his new posting ..but he "forgot" to post this up >

Now only I remember y moolah wanna to hammer tony ..

d reason is click this >

Tony shames moolah on d above, moolah called to sell airasia @2.60 , within 3 months..aaisia shot up to as high 3.60 !LOL!

No wonder he wanna 2 hammer tony u see...who is cheap n tasteless ? low class moolah ? yes ? no ? LOL


Y he dares not 2 blog d above up ? LOL! malu lah if ppl know he is so damn low class bugger ! mo...wait till this week end, then I will give u a good write up on "How low class one can be like moolah " !!! LOL!

Stay tuned yah ? ^_-

Moolah said...

Hi sam,

I wonder if that is what I should call you.

Anyway, I am curious, do you seriously like to embarrASS and insult your ownself in the public?

So you have a private blog and you collect subscription. Well done.

But fudging and editing data is bad for business.

And making less than intelligent comments attacking other blogs using multiple nicks, certainly is bad for business.

People would question what kind of sick person you are. Certainly bad for business.

And making comments under multiple nicks promoting how good your are... that's even worst for business.

Ahhh... these tips are free.

Samgoss said...

to jackie..just curious...on first sentence , u put girlfriend subscribed to sam blog, at last sentence u said " i am just a house wife " woww which is which..r u a lesbian ?

so... who is liar n cheater ^_-LOL!

Pjdev-wc? woww... asked ppl not 2 catch d falling knife oso wrong arh ? so.. r u guys making now ?

perhaps u should tell me those who hv made from " stocks in my radar 2 " a months ago... r there get cheated by me oso ? LOL!

u wanna 2 tell lie..pls make sense abit lah.. dun be so cheap like mo mo cow mah !

hello mo..thanks 4 posting up my ? aiyahh..where got free lunch in this world ... fyi... ppl only cares how much u can help them 2 make money ..d rest who cares..more over when come 2 shares info n integrity is always there , on earth I can get >3,000 members 4 my private blog ? how on earth I can survived since year 2000 ?

k..that is enuf 4 today..wait till this week end ok ? i will give u a good write up later! 88 n take care

Moolah said...

Ah sam.

Good manners is always very important for business.

Don't you forget that.

Asking someone else if they are lesbian is certainly very bad for business.

Repeating what you did in the closed down OSK188 forum is also very bad for business.

Do you remember how members started swearing and bringing out other people's mothers in a discussion? This one certainly very bad for business.

Integrity is very important for business.

Creating multiple nicks and creating members out of thin air is bad for business. People would question if your millions of subscribers are real or they are fake. Yeah... bad for business.

Also very malu when someone else catch you talking to your ownself using multiple nicks and this is certainly very bad for business.

Moolah said...

Ah sam.

You don't have to send the same comments so many times.

If you post in a civilised manner and if you post using your own blogger profile, for sure I will publish your comments.

Samgoss said...

2 jackie , another proof to show that samgoss is a conman, dare to click this ?>

TDM cost 2.68+ ^_-
latest update..sold all my remaining tdm @ 3.27 just now...bal is now arh ? y yr friend never tell u about this meh ?

still cheating arh ? LOL!

Hello mo mo..thanks 4 putting up this... gua belanja u minum ^_- LOL

if u choose not 2 post it up oso nvm..I will post it in my public blog ... ^_-

about bad biz... aiyah..sup sup sui lah... told u oledi..ppl join me bcos I can help them to make money ..d rest who cares ? LOL!

right mo mo ^_-

Samgoss said...

hi momo...

thanks 4 posting up my comments in yr blog ^_-

u r so damn cute..I love u ^_^

btw..can u ask jackie y her friend never tell her about this tdm @2.68 ?

can arh ??

anyway.. u dun post this up oso nvm.

thx a million mo mo , dun 4get our date on this weekend wor ?

u know lah..this week oledi allocated 4 alex lulu liaoo u hv 2 wait till next week lo. LOL!

gtg liaooo 88 mo...

random said...

dear sam

your followers made money following you - kudos

you made money from 3000 subscribers - great!

you made money continuously since 2000 - bravo!

Err.. why are you here again?


random said...

ps: Jackie is a housewife and by girlfriend she means her friend who is a girl.

Samgoss said...

Good answer random ! well done random ^_-

yes u r right ^_-

but then horrr...

Based on human basic instinct or nature ... if u type something , if u went makan with yr male friend , will u type there I went makan with my "BOYFRIEND" just now ? touch yr heart n ask yrself ^_- will u ?

Jackie can ever write there, my friend told me... she said.... y put there "Girl friend " ? know y ? cos this is human instinct ! bukan ?

This is human basic instinct , it cannot be manipulated !

Well... u guys no need 2 agreed with me one.. touch yr heart n ask yrself , if u were jackie ..will u type there my girl friend told me ... will u ?

Be honest 2 yrself ^_-

really cant wait 2 answer u this... now jam like hell in federal high way ^_-

Ho ho... Selamat memandu


jackie said...

Moola, i sincerely apologise. It did not cross my mind that my simple comment would have caused a series of spam from little boy sam on your blog. So childish of him. Kudos to you for allowing his comments to be published. It shows how big your heart is. I was told that sam censored his blog comments. Those unfavourable ones and those that question his calls would never see daylight because he only want good things to be said of him in his blog.

Anyway I will just respond a bit to him for calling me a lesbian just because of the way i refer to my female friend. I know of men who would not call their male friends as boyfriends due to certain social stigmas. But it is very common for women to call their female friends as girlfriends - very normal and unlikely to cause any awkward moments.
Sam, you do not know that? which planet are you from ?

To cut it short, Sam, You repeatedly say you do not depend on your subscribers for a living. So why don't you just shut your blog down once and for all. Stop gimmicks like asking your subscribers to renew another year way before their current subscription expiry date and you will reveal to them what counter XXXXX is going to be. Don't the existing subscibers who have already paid, deserve to know what the counter XXXXX is. Why the need to pay for renewal of an extra year well before the membership ends, just so you will reveal that secret XXXXX counter. In the first place, you owe it to your subscribers to tell them what XXXX counter is without them having to buy another year with you.
Worst of all, you always buy into a counter first before you post it up and let them chase. IS it fair to your subscribers?

Come on, I challenge you, shut your paid blog down, stop the subscription. Refund the money to your subscribers. Want to help newbies make money, do it openly without charging. Do you see any other investment/share blogs charge readers?
Do that and I will say that you are a man of integrity. Otherwise, you are just a money-face liar and cheater.

By the way, seriously , I am not one of your subscribers.Don't you even dream, I will pay to read your craps. It is really my girlfriend, and she is just a girlfriend, a platonic one. (look up in your English dictionary what platonic girlfriend means before you start accusing me of other things)

Moolah said...

Jackie: You do not have to apologise at all and once again thanks for sharing your views with everyone.

Bonescythe said...

Hi Moolah..

This is another post for your compilation.

Good collection here. Old Fart Sam sucks hard time man!

Samgoss said...

Ha ha Jackie o jackie, try to cover up again ! Lol ! U think I dun hv any female friend arh ? I hv never heard from them telling they bla bla with girl friend ! Yr nick name itself said it all ! Well ... U can ever argue , I like to put Rambo if I like , u blow arh ? Lol of coz u can says that , but readers here r not blind , they know who is telling lie ?

Another reason is by telling d world u r female , u r at d advantage , even how rightful d man was , once he argue
with women , d whole world will put d blame on man :- am I not correct ? U found d wrong guy mr Jackie !

Talk about d paid blog , it is bcos of 2 5 chai like u that force me put my blog private ! Want me to close my blog down ? Ha ha only moron will benefit 2 5 chai like u ! Lol

Btw , u said I am a conman :- u still haven't answer y yr so called " girlfriend" never tell that she made from my tdm ? from 2.68 to 3.27 ? U feel shy to answer me ?lol !

Moolah said...

Bonescythe: Very interesting blog. Like your style of writing, rather sincere and you seem to write what you think. Good job.

Moolah said...

Ah sam: If you do not mind, let me say this.

When someone raises a question to you, you need to answer back the question directly. By not answering it is not good la. It's bad for business.

See you need to answer related to PJDEV WC directly. By not answering the question, is not good for business.

So jackie says, you changed the average buying price from 0.30 to 0.24. Is this true or false? You need to tell the truth here. Changing topic in your reply is not good for business.

The GIRLFRIEND thingy... i think you should stop because the more you talk about it, reflects bad on you, sam. Surely you do not want bad business, yes?

In fact in all honestly, you should try to give a sincere apology for calling jackie lesbian. That was shocking. Certainly not good for your business, sam.

Think about it.

My free tips for your business.

Bonescythe said...

Google search "Old Fart Sam" aka Samgoss, appeared no.1 in the Google search. Hmm..

More to come in the future if he does not stop all this jerk. Let's see.

Moolah said...

Bonescythe: I have added your link.


jackie said...

Moola, I think it is pointless to debate further with little boy sam. he likes to hit below the belt, you know what I mean. And he keeps avoiding answering my questions posed to him, the unfair treatment of his subscribers as well as censoring comments that he deems unfavourable to him in his blog, because all this is bad for business.
Anyway we should keep this blog of yours in its original sanctity.

Bonescythe said...

Alright.. Added yours too. Cheers mate

Btw, Old Fart Sam no more sound already?

Hope he learned his lesson, or he doesn't learn at all?

Moolah said...

It's a long story and if you are interested, there's one 'recent' incident can be read here on this other blog (blog posting dated June 2009)

Seng actually quit blogging.

Mr ICICI said...

honestly, i laughed so hard when sam started calling jackie a lesbian. haha!

girls call their female friends 'girlfriends' all the time!

Samgoss said...

wowww...3 lawan 1 arh.... put yr horse come ! LOL!

hi kiddy ah bone..u oso here arh ?

good moolah... bring more ppl 2 know samgang ^_- tq !

aiyahhh moolah... u r bias lah...jackie never answer 2 my TDM question, u closed 1 eye , macam ini tak boleh lah ! u must be fair 2 me oso wat ?

like this..sorry LOL, I am not gonna 2 post any comments here anymore ^_-

Let get back 2 our own stage n talk ok ?lol!

btw...kiddy ah bones , do me a favor...try 2 get as many fans 2 read my blog as possible..ok ? d more they know me d better it is ^_-

moolah..stay tuned 4 this week end update , I am gonna 2 give u a good write up! 4 sure ^_- d whole world will know how high class u r ^_^ no joke mo mo !

yah almost jackie... TDM closed @3.42 in mid day...another 12 cts up, yr so called "girl friend " still holding arh ? LOL!

8 n c u guys in my public blog ^_-

ta ta taaaa

Moolah said...

Ah Sam:

Simply calling others biased is bad for business? I am biased? Hey, the comments on this blog posting clearly showed that jackie comments was number 2. 2nd comment and she clearly asked you about PJDEV Wa and you have clearly chose not to reply.

Question again: DID you change the average buying price from 0.30 to 0.24?

For your business sake, I think you should reply. :)

Err... you still holding your TDM ah?

Waaaa... congratulations SAM. You are so good. TDM now is trading at 3.37.

When to sell ah?

random said...

Do not feed the troll

Moolah said...

........................ hahaha!

Yan Cheng Cheok said...

Dear Moola,

I enjoying reading your blog, as it inspire me some investment idea most of the time. I was wondering, would you like to blog about HSBC, a very valuable branded banking company, which is listed in HK, London and New York.

As current Europe debt crisis makes it toward down trend. Just love to hear from your analysis regarding this stock.


Moolah said...

Yan: Sorry but I don't have any research on HSBC.

I would guess that the risk for HSBC, of course is its exposure to the crisis.