Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dutaland's Reason

And Dutaland finally gives its reason why it rescinded the S&P with IOI.

  • Dutaland: deal rescinded to avoid prolonged legal tussle
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    Friday, 11 November 2011 20:04

    KUALA LUMPUR (Nov 11): DUTALAND BHD [] and IOI CORPORATION BHD [], which mutually rescinded the sale and purchase agreement over the disputed RM830 million oil palm PLANTATION [] deal, had done so with a view not to prolong the legal dispute arising from the termination of the deal.
    In a reply to a query from Bursa Malaysia Securities Bhd on Friday, Nov 11, Dutaland said the Deed of Rescission entered by the parties on Nov 9 would avoid protracted litigation, the outcome of which can be uncertain and this may have adverse implications on the company.

    “Moreover a prolonged litigation would hinder any potential sales of the PROPERTIES [] in future,”
    it said.

    Dutaland said that by entering into the Deed of Rescission, Sri Mayvin had retracted all its allegations and assertions made against Pertama Land.

    It said Pertama Land had consistently maintained that Pertama Land has complied with and is not in breach of the SPA as alleged or at all by Sri Mayvin.

    “In the absence of the sale proceeds from the Proposed Disposal, the Group may obtain bank borrowings and/or internally generated funds to fund/support the items stated in the intended utilisation of sale proceeds (i.e. purchase of Irredeemable Convertible Bonds, settlement of debts, funding of Kenny Heights project, etc),” said Dutaland.

    To recap, IOI Corp and Dutaland on Nov 9 said they had agreed to mutually rescind the sale and purchase agreement over the disputed RM830 million oil palm plantation deal.

    IOI Corp said on Wednesday that its unit Sri Mayvin Plantation Sdn Bhd and Dutaland’s Pertama Land & Development Sdn Bhd had entered into a deed of rescission in a move to resolve all issues and disputes relating to the SPA that involved 11,977.91 ha (29,597.42 acres).

    “With immediate effect whereupon the parties are released from all obligations and liabilities in connection with the SPA and neither party shall have any further claim against the other in respect thereto,” it said.

    IOI Corp said following from the execution of the deed of rescission, OSK Trustees Bhd, being the stakeholder jointly appointed by the parties, will proceed to refund the deposit earlier paid by Sri Mayvin pursuant to the terms of the SPA together with all interest accrued thereon to Sri Mayvin.

    On Oct 25, IOI Corp terminated its proposed acquisition of the land from Dutaland, citing the cancellation was “due to non-compliance of certain terms and conditions”.

    However, Dutaland had then said it did not accept the reasons for termination of the sales and purchase agreement and directed the stakeholder, OSK Trustees Bhd not to remit the deposit of RM83 million, which was the 10% deposit paid.

    In a separate statement on Nov 9, Dutaland said that with the rescission, Sri Mayvin has retracted all its allegations and assertions made against Pertama Land as contained in Sri Mayvin’s letters dated Oct 4, 20 and the 21.

    "Pursuant to the deed, Sri Mayvin has further confirmed that it has not lodged and will not lodge any private caveat(s) or any encumbrances(s) over the properties," it said.

    Dutaland also said its board having sought legal advice and after taking into consideration all relevant aspects of the termination of the SPA, was of the view that protracted litigation would hinder any future sales of the properties.

    "Furthermore, the outcome of litigation can be uncertain and this may have adverse implications on the group. In the meantime, the group shall continue to manage the properties to generate positive returns," it added.


gwynwelsh said...

Dear Investors,

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