Wednesday, November 23, 2011

And What About AirAsia's Earnings?

My last update of AirAsia's earnings was done on May 2011 : Update On AirAsia Earnings.

Last night AirAsia reported its earnings. It's earnings wasn't impressive at all. That was expected as a stronger USD will cause huge damage to its books. ( Most of AirAsia's borrowings are denominated in US$ )

Here's some flashback. I think it's rather important to know what has happened.

Well, I had noted the positive changes in the company since Aug 2010.

In the posting , Positive Move That AirAsia Defers Their AirBus Order I had said the following...

  • However, let me say this, I have to give AirAsia some credit for eating the humble pie and for successfully persuading AirBus to allow them to defer the delivery of the air crafts and more so, this move really gives them a fighting chance to survive and to overcome their insanity of building a company which was clearly over burdened by the immense corporate debts they took upon to finance the building of their business.

    Yeah.. AirAsia should be ok for the next one year or so... yeah.. this is a POSITIVE CORPORATE exercise... it's certainly extremely crucial that AirAsia made this postponement of delivery.... but... deferring is only a postponement.... and in regardless, these air crafts order still needs to be delivered!
And AirAsia the stock had done fairly well since then.

On 4 Dec 2010: A Look At AirAsia Stellar Earnings.

The positive moves from the deferment of the aircrafts was visible on the balance sheet. I made the following remarks.

  • The cash/debt level, has it improved?
  • The c.c or capital commitment column 'improved'. Would I pay attention to the value? Or should I pay attention to the number of aircraft to be delivered?
On 24 Feb 2011: What Do You Thnk Of AirAsia's Earnings?
  • Cash actually improved a lot compared to the previous quarter.
  • And debt increased slightly.
  • But the capital commitment... there was a huge improvement, yes?
I was focused on the improvement in the balance sheet.
For me, this is the MOST crucial thing. AirAsia used the debt leverage game to build its empire. Instead of just borrowing, it BORROWED. Way too hedge and in my opinion, it's like it's building a corporate which will be too huge to fail. And the massive borrowings is of course used to finance that rather insane order of aircrafts. Capital commitment contracted to purchased new aircrafts at one time stood close to 28 billion ringgit. ( do refer fy 2007 earnings ) and with AirAsia already saddled with a debt of 3.7 billion then (in fy 2007), the risk was so huge. My mind was thinking, how was AirAsia going to repay the debts, let alone finance its rather grossly optimistic aircraft purchase. That was my reasoning.
But as mentioned in Aug 2010, when AirAsia deferred its aircraft delivery, it gave itself a chance to survive. By not accepting new aircraft delivery, its loans ( which now has ballooned to some 7.8 billion - remember back in fy 2007, AirAsia loans was only 3.7 billion! - yeah it's loans doubled!!) stopped growing. The cash flow from AirAsia's operations is now used to rebuild its piggy bank and it also managed to pare down its debts. ( Ah.. that one private placement of shares did helped its balance sheet too!)
The chances could be seen.
Then came June 2011. 
Another historical purchase order of aircrafts was made.
It blew my mind. 
At that moment of time, out of an order of 175 new aircrafts, AirAsia only receive 89. Yeah remember in Aug 2010, it had to get a deferment in aircraft deliveries.  

And less than a year later, in June 2011, after some improvement in its balance sheet, AirAsia did the unthinkable! It ordered 200 new aircrafts!


I was thinking what grandiosity!

How will AirAsia finance its aircraft purchase???

Why the need to order so soon and so big??????

It blew my small mind. I was left speechless. So there's where we are at now.

So last night, when I saw AirAsia released its earnings, I was so interested to see its balance sheet.

Here's the updated earnings table I made. C.C stands for Capital Commitment for new aircrafts.

Cash shrunk a little and its debts were relatively unchanged but the most glaring thing is the current capital commitment of 57.450 BILLION!


AirAsia is committed to purchase aircrafts worth some 57.4 billion!

And what does AirAsia currently have in its balance sheet? 1.6 billion cash and loans of 7.6 billion.

And the question on my mind is how will AirAsia going to finance this order of such grandiosity???


Samgoss said...

Hello sour cow,

y back off so quickly, d war is not over yet ^_-

I am gonna 2 do a nice write up about u later .

we can see yr fans does not agreed on u anymore, only a few sugar boys stood behind of u , where are others gone ?

even dali is keeping so quiet this time ^_-

bring up yr open letter lah...

stay tuned yah .

btw.. I am still waiting 4 yr sugar girl jackie 2 belanja me a cup pf coffee in sc.

see? she dun even dare 2 take action against me , now u guys know who is actually telling lie, who changed 2 price ? my private fans know it well.


Samgoss said...

my next write up would be >

Y sour moolah so mad about Tan Teng Boon , Tony Fernandez n osk ?

stay tuned ya ?

I will make sure u stand naked in public , making u naked in front of yr fans is d most happy stuff I like 2 do .

stay tuned yah mo mo.

Moolah said...

Hi sam. Good morning.

Back to your old angry self again with all the name callings?

This is not good at all for your business you know.

And you do seem so agitated whenever I write on AirAsia. Are you agitated against me writing on AirAsia? Or are you simply finding reason to be agitated with me?

Being always angry is not good for health.

Do see a good doctor and take care.

Samgoss said...

Hi sour moo,

left out something here > this >

if u guys wanna 2 know who is telling lie , join me @

U will know who is liar ? Mo 's sugar boy jackie or samgoss is telling lie ?

Thanks mo mo 4 posting up my comments ^_-


Samgoss said...

Hi mo mo...

bad 4 my biz ?

Ha ha no worry, my blog biz is doing very well, extremely well...hv 2 thanks u 4 promoting my blog here! LOL!

I think u hv contributed at least 10% of it, kamsiah arh mo mo ?

Writing airasia will not make u looks less stupid by calling sell airasia @ 2.60 few months ago !

keep writing mo ^_- LOL !

btw, where is yr sugar boy jackie gone ? this liar is doing nothing good but LIE !

My private blog fans hv given him a nick name called sugar 2 5 chai , like it jackie ?

k..that's enuf 4 here , 2 all, wanna 2 read d latest update, visit my public blog @

or u wanna 2 know how mo mo n his sugar boy jackie telling lie, join me @

u will know d truth.

Moolah said...

Hmmm.. "Writing airasia will not make u looks less stupid by calling sell airasia @ 2.60 "

Please do share with everyone when I said that exactly.


Moolah said...

Sam: Now I recall those comments made when you made comments under bloger profile name Dexter and KL Investing Blog.

Remember these comments? "he he though u never mention about sell but it is understood that it is not wise to buy airasia at 2.35 LOL "

And what about these comments? "Mad cow called to sell Airasia @ 2.45 2 months ago, airasia is now 3.20 . U can see how fantastic mad cow was :- Still a sell ? mad cow ? whole world know how good u are now he he. cc to all shares bloggers in town"

Hmmm... to all share bloggers in town... you like this phrase, yes sam?

So which is which?

I called AirAsia a sell at 2.35 or I called AirAsia a sell at 2.45 or I called AirAsia a sell at 2.60?

Please can you make up your mind?

Samgoss said...

Good afternoon mo,

Done n enjoy ^_- LOL!

2 all ,

click here 2 read yrself >

88 momo..I will keep this posting up 4 at least 1 week ^_-

so whole world can see u naked in public ^_-

Mo...U r so damn cute, I love u very much like what u sugar boy jackie did ! LOL !

Moolah said...

Not answering about your accusation against me on AirAsia?

Rather malu leh.

Please allow me to give you a chance to answer these questions again..

So when did I call a SELL on AirAsia?

Did I called AirAsia a sell at 2.35?

or did I called AirAsia a sell at 2.45?

or did I called AirAsia a sell at 2.60?

See sam, you need to get your allegation against me correct on this issue and you need to back it up with real proof or else it would make you rather foolish.

I seriously think this is bad for your business.

Samgoss said...

Hey hey momo ,

Malu arh ? who ? u or me ?

yr call on airasia Feb 2011 >

AirAsia traded ard 2.60 at time of yr posting , look at d way u commented on AA, is that not a buy ? LOL!

just like when yr sugar boy jackie ask u , is samgoss good ? worth to join his private blog ?

Sugar daddy said : well... he is no good ! lousy ! join or not u decide my sweet sugar jackie ^_-

so guys... is d above statement not indicating a SELL ? LOL !

ha ha U dun need 2 be agreed with me , just think logically n u will get d answer !

Mo o mo... hurry, post up another attack posting lah... I wanna 2 make sure u blog my name up here 4EVER ! can arh mo ? LOL !

aiyahhh...late 4 lunch liaooo

88 momo .

Moolah said...

Ah sam,

Have you ever to try thought about checking the traded price for AirAsia on that 24th Feb 2011?

Let's see:

24-Feb-11, AirAsia opened at 2.39. It traded at a high of 2.46 and closed at a low of 2.35. It's previous day, 23-Feb-2011, closing price was 2.48.

Price Reference:

So how can I call AirAsia a SELL at 2.60 when the stock wasn't even traded at that price?

Rather malu leh.

So sam, you said from the posting, I made a SELL call.

Your way of reasoning is:

AirAsia traded ard 2.60 at time of yr posting , look at d way u commented on AA, is that not a buy ? LOL!

just like when yr sugar boy jackie ask u , is samgoss good ? worth to join his private blog ?


so guys... is d above statement not indicating a SELL ? LOL !

ha ha U dun need 2 be agreed with me , just think logically n u will get d answer !

Think logically and the answer is that I called a SELL?


Moolah said...

aw: .... I hear you! :)

Samgoss said...

OMG ! what a joke from sour cow ? 2.45 arh ? not 2.60 ? ooooo like that lagi teruk lah, asked ppl not 2 buy/ sell @ 2.45...rugi lagi banyak lollll ! LOL!

Guys , what is d resoning behind this 2.45 , 2 proves that I am making a wrong accusation ? ha ha..If that is true, y not I put there moolah called 2 sell @ 2.10 !?? y 2.60 ?

This show that I am telling d truth , 2.45 n 2.60 any big different ?

Ha ha mo mo, u r like telling us ma , I am very smart u know ? I hanya rugi 2.45 ..bukan 2.60 yg dituduh olek pacik sam ! LOL!

u r so damn cute mo mo ! now only we know yr IQ status ^_- Bravo MO !

btw..where r all yr sugar boys gone ? dont see them support u here ? LOL !

cool mo cool baby ^_-

Samgoss said...

OMG ! what a joke from sour cow ? 2.45 arh ? not 2.60 ? ooooo like that lagi teruk lah, asked ppl not 2 buy but sell @ 2.45...rugi lagi banyak lollll ! LOL!

Guys , what is d resoning behind this 2.45 , 2 proves that I am making a wrong accusation ? ha ha..If that is true, y not I put there moolah called 2 sell @ 2.10 !?? y 2.60 ?

This show that I am telling d truth , 2.45 n 2.60 any big different ?

Ha ha mo mo, u r like telling us ma , I am very smart u know ? I hanya rugi 2.45 ..bukan 2.60 yg dituduh oleh pacik sam ! LOL!

u r so damn cute mo mo ! now only we know yr IQ status ^_- Bravo MO !

btw..where r all yr sugar boys gone ? dont see them support u here ? LOL !

cool mo cool baby ^_-

Moolah said...

Sam: If you enjoy insulting your own goodself, please go ahead and enjoy yourself.


Samgoss said...

Ah mo, if u think I am insulting myself n that will make u feel less shame n less disappointing, harm pls go ahead ^_- LOL!

As long as u feel happy ...PLS GO AHEAD ^_^

U know..I am a kind hearted guy, reducing ppl's pain is absolutely good karma ^_-

Armitabha mo mo ^_^

K C said...

Hooray, Samgoss mentioned my name in his most recent blog, claiming that I supported Moolah on his sell call of AirAsia at 2.60! What? I know for sure Moolah did not call for a sell for AirAsia in his previous posting. In fact Moolah never talk about whether one should buy or sell in any share before in his this particular blog. However, I would like to say I still enjoy reading and often agree with Moolah’s analysis on the companies and his critical comments on some corporate governance issues. I have recommended many of my friends who are new to investment to read his blog in order to avoid some pitfalls in punting in the share market. I like his writeup about AirAsia too, very informative. Did I support a sell call on AirAsia? Below was my comment in Moolah’s previous blogging on AirAsia which I still hold strongly this date.
[“Never invest in anything that eats or needs painting.” Billy Rose
AirAsia made an EPS of 38 sen and with its share at 2.35, it is selling at a PER of only 6. It has 1.5 b in cash. Great? No it sucks to the bone! It borrows 7.86 b! this leaves it with negative cash of 6.36 b! Are they required to pay the 720m deferred tax which is classified as an asset too? Cash flows from operations of 1.9b but how much has to plough back for capex? It has been negative free cash flow in terms of billions for the past years. Scary, isn't that? That is the peril of just looking at earnings.]
Did I say sell AirAsia at 2.60 as alleged? If one wants to interpret my comment, I think the more appropriate one is I (saya, quah) will not buy AirAsia at 2.35? isn’t it? I know, I know, many investment bankers also strongly recommended AirAsia a buy even at 3+. AirAsia even shot up to 4+ after that. Obviously I was wrong about the market. But whether I am wrong or not in my reasoning of its value (not its price) is arguable. In putting our money at risk for the long run, we have to reason out with many metrics to see if it is worth investing, not just base on rumour or a call by an analyst, or a blogger. Warren Buffet (your idol) said before that in the short-term, the market is a voting machine but in the long-term it is a weighing machine. Do you remember this? I am also a fan of Warren Buffet like Sam does. I also like his 12 tenets of investing as listed below:
Buffettology: The Warren Buffet Way, The 12 Tenets
1. Is the business simple and understandable?
2. Does the business have a consistent operating history?
3. Does the business have a long-term prospect?
4. Is management rational?
5. Is management candid with shareholders?
6. Does management resist the institutional imperative?
7. Focus on return on equity, not earnings per share.
8. Calculate owners earnings (FCF) to get a true reflection of value
Sam, I never have a chance to read how you carry out what you call FA. I am also a fan of FA and I use FA for my analysis. I, like you, also do not use TA (like Alex LU does but I am not qualify to criticise him and I know I will lose to him in the argument.). Perhaps you could make a post on why you think AirAsia at 3.53 now, or even at 3.00 is a good buy basing on your sifu’s Warren Buffet’s 12 tenets. Perhaps we can learn from you your in depth analysis, and may be share some opinions with you?

Moolah said...

K C: You should be honoured since samgoss had curi your name and post spam here before.

Just in case you miss the comments posted here

See the 2nd last comment posted here:

And I know that KC is not you.

Samgoss said...

Hello KC ,

Of coz u n moolah didnt mentioned a word "SELL" on AA< BUTTTT..does it make any different ?

If I asked u , is proton wira a good buy ? n u n sour cow said :-

Well... fyi, Proton wira 's quality is suck ! service there r bad ! brake got problem, water licking....
Buy or not...sam u decide !

Is there any different from calling that a SELL?

Think dudes think !

KC said >

AirAsia made an EPS of 38 sen and with its share at 2.35, it is selling at a PER of only 6. It has 1.5 b in cash. Great? No it sucks to the bone! It borrows 7.86 b! this leaves it with negative cash of 6.36 b! Are they required to pay the 720m deferred tax which is classified as an asset too? Cash flows from operations of 1.9b but how much has to plough back for capex?


is d above not indicating "DONT BUY , AA IS not solid FA " ??? dont buy is not equal to SELL ?

Dont twist d story bro..admit it !

AA has gone up alot since moolah's sell call , PE wise she is no longer cheap ! at current level..y choose high PE AA if I can choose others which r cheap n value n low in PE ?

asking ppl 2 sell or not 2 buy AA @ 2.45 is definitely a wrong call !

Admit it n deal with it !

KC, I dont criticise FA bloggers , including u ! as I always said, among all d FA bloggers , I am d lousiest ! but among all d ta losers, I am genius !

Hence.. jgn campur tangan sini , this is a war btw goss n cow !

btw... may I ask u KC , what make moolah think that he is high class n less cheap than Tony Fernandez ? can tell arh ?

If not y moolah criticise Tony as cheap , tasteless n low class bugger ?

KC, u agreed with cow's view that Tony is Low Class, Cheap n tasteless ?

click this 2 see yrself >

Moolah said...

Well... fyi, Proton wira 's quality is suck ! service there r bad ! brake got problem, water licking....
Buy or not...sam u decide !

Is there any different from calling that a SELL?


Sam, is water leaking and not water licking.

Last I check, water don't lick.


Moolah said...

Ah sam:

So whatever I write, it means SELL ah?

Did you even read the entire posting? ( I guess you didn't since you can simply associate that posting with AirAsia trading at 2.60. XD )

I wonder if you can read these words inside that posting.

Quote: "Back in early 2009, I certainly thought AirAsia was doomed. I really thought there was a 90% chance it go into deep trouble but now I have changed my opinion. It's doing all the right things to survive."

Hmm... I wonder... that equals a SELL.


How about this posting in Aug 2010?

AirAsia was much lower than.

That was a SELL call too ah?

You do like to insult yourself, yes sam?

No wonder you so short temper and so foul mouth.

Did you try to see a doctor?

It will be good for your health.

Trust me.

Samgoss said...

water leaking ...aiyah... thanks momo.. no worry, I will teach u yr mothe tongue if u came across any ppl called u 不要脸 , I will teach u what is 不要脸 ^_-

yr mother tongue u know ? u must know one lah ! LOL!

still wanna 2 twist d story ? then we leave it 2 d readers 2 judge lollll ! LOL!

u think by calling me short temper n insulting myself can make u feel less shame , as I harm please go ahead ^_-

I am a kind hearted man.. reducing yr pain n sourness r very good karma !

* momo... chat with u 2molo ^_-

William Wang said...

Samgross, there is a need to cool yourself. A good investor will read whatever news that are available on their investments, even negatives ones, from there one can always draw conclusion on the next step but eventual decision can only be your own. Why is there a need to run down on what others think. If this blog gives you so much stress, why bother. I dont mind visiting your blog and see how you analyse but if I have to pay, I wont bother. I have been in this game long enough to know, in a bull run, one-eye jack can be the king.

Bonescythe said...

Moolah, Old Fart Sam everyday bullshit de lar.. He told me JCY and MMode strike because got strong fundamental backing.. I was like.. Wa-da-crap!!

He tell everyone Alex Lu call sell on Harvest on Monday.. But is actually Tuesday.

He is old already, he cannot see properly one.. So, probably you need to pardon him? Hahaha

Moolah said...

William: I believe this is not just about sam being an angry person but more so a person filled with immense hatred as can be seen via his attacks against other bloggers such as bone, dali, alex and several others. Perhaps he feels they are a threat to his business - his subscription scheme or is it subscription scam. I guess he feels threatened by the other bloggers I mentioned. Because they are not only better but they are actually better human being than him and more importantly, they know the difference between right and wrong

Now my blog, as everyone who are able to read knows, is just a simple blog with me mumbling on my flawed opinions and views on issues related to the stock market.

The only thing is I have no desire to write buy or sell recommendations.

And my blog is FREE. There is no subscription, unlike SAM who CHARGES.

But yet he feels so threathened and his hatred is so visible.

Openly declaring war (see 1st comment) on a person like me who gives no stock tips?


Why does he feel threatened?

Is it because I exposed him as a spammer and one who uses multilple nicks to spam other blogs?

( I remember when i first wrote my simple views on JCY, he quickly spammed me with a comment saying that Dali had wrote on the stock too. He wanted to use me to make an issue with Dali. Which is utterly pointless and meaningless)

Or perhaps the main reason for the current hatred is that i helped jackie broadcast the fact that he is liar and a cheater?

But do you blame jackie for doing what she did? Sam edits all the comments in his blog to his liking. Ask bone, he can verify this too. And when sam openly spammed this blog using his actual blogger profile, one cannot blame jackie for making her accusation here.

And what's the first thing sam do?

He calls her a lesbian.

Oh my.

I do pray to the lord above us that one day sam would be cured from his current illness.

Moolah said...

"He tell everyone Alex Lu call sell on Harvest on Monday.. But is actually Tuesday.

He is old already, he cannot see properly one"

Bone: See, I am not the only one that can see clearly what he's doing here but let me highlight in a slightly different perspective.

Because I broadcasted jackie allegation that he's a liar and a cheat, he felt that this equates to war.

Such hatred, such bad temper.

Feel sorry.

But then, everyone knows that this site doesn't broadcast stock tip and stock recommendation. And what does he do?

He tries his hardes to launch an attack on me and from my label cloud, he saw that one of the stocks i wrote the most on is AirAsia.

Knowing very well that AirAsia, the stock, had done incredibly well the past few months, he thought this was an opportunity for him. Yes, use AirAsia as the perfect example to attack me.

But sadly he failed to read. All that was on his mind is to ATTACK the cow, ATTACK Alex....

Which is why his allegation against Alex is so faulty.

Kinda malu.

Cos he wanted to attack us but he's either too lazy or too ignorant to read.


That's why he does not know when Alex said what he said on Harvest.

What other explanation? Everyone else who can read and is not ignorant would have known when Alex posted his comments, yes?

So he chose AirAsia to attack me.

Guess what, he doesn't even know what price AirAsia was TRADING when I posted on AirAsia!!!

All he wanted to do is attack the cow.

And then to make it a greater insult to his own ignorance, he failed to read the posting. A posting which I continued to repeat what I had said on Aug 2010, which is by deferring the delivery of aircrafts, AirAsia had given itself a chance to survive!

Yes, everyone knew I was not impressed with AirAsia. It's listing was a farce with its stock tumbling during IPO. Why? Was it priced too expensive based on overly optimistic ipo earnings projections. And I highlighted many issues on AirAsia. Everyone knew I was not a fan.

But on Aug 2010, I told everyone I was giving AirAsia credit. I said it. And on Feb 2011, I mentioned clearly that the earnings report showed that AirAsia's balance sheet had improved a LOT!

But obviously sam was too filled with hatred and ignorance to read the posting.

He says it was a SELL call.

And he wanted to use this against me. The cow called a sell on AirAsia and the stock flew.


Yup. OMG!

I can't think of a better way that one can insult one ownself.

Moolah said...

Bone: remember how I told u he would attempt to divert the focus away from the real issue?

See from being accused of being a liar and a cheater, he now wants to draw the focus on me.


Samgoss said...

2 liar bone...

u r telling lie again !

I called jcy ? when ? show me , If I hv made that call ! I close down all my blog !

dare 2 take up my challenge !

fyi..jcy is darlie singh call, he called ppl 2 buy @ 1.60...check his blog dudes ^_-

Angry ha ha...

I think u r referring 2 yr sugar daddy ! ha ha

Samgoss said...

MMode oso ! if I hv made that call on mmode ! I close down all my blog !

dare 2 show us my call on mmode liar bone ?

by making all these nonsense will not mkae yr sugar daddy moolah looks good at all ! LOL!

bone show us if u can !

Moolah said...

Ah sam; Do you have a sad, sad, sad childhood?

Why do you have so much hatred in yourself.

It's only the stock market.

And everyone will have different views.

And this is why stocks go up and they go down.

So why do you hate Dali so much? Why are you so rude? Why do you like to call people names?

Did someone called you terrible names during your childhood?

Being angry and have so much hatred is really bad for your health.

Do make an appointment and check with your doctor.

Do you have high blood pressure?

Do you eat too much eat?

Do you take too much sugar?

Do you drink too much?

Too much hatred is bad for health.

Samgoss said...

Ah moo...

Ha ha

told u many times oledi, if u think by telling ppl I am sick , I got problem will make u feel less shame ,go ahead harm of doing that.

I told u oledi, I am kind hearted , reducing yr sourness is a good karma ^_-

cool mo cool !

regarding jcy call...I am just telling d truth ! what's wrong with that mo mo ? hide d bad stuff 4 yr buddy dali ? come on mo... that's bad u know ?

Further more , it is yr sugar boy bone that brought this up ! I made that jcy n mmode call ? ha ha

Grant u guys a very good chance 2 make me disappear from blog world , if u guys can show that I hv made such 2 picks , I will close down ALL my blog !

What if u guys cant prove it ? close down moolah blog ? ha ha

Mo mo dare 2 pick up this challenge ? I doubt u dare ^_- LOL!

Mo mo..i know u r aging oledi, my advice... dun get too "excited" on my strike picks, no good 2 yr health u know ?

Ha ha

Moolah said...

Ah sam: Do listen to my kind advice.

Do go for a medical check up.

I strongly believe you could have high blood pressure because you are always angry at everything and you seem to hate everybody else who have a different opinion on the stock market.

How many people in the world can you hate?

Not good sam.

Regarding JCY. Oh yeah, you are telling the truth but the problem is you hide under a different blogger name to post that and you have so much hatred against Dali that you wanted to use me to talk bad about Dali.

You do believe in Karma?


Now that's shocking.

Bonescythe said...

To Old Fart Sam,

I think you already read about this. I don't know why you want me to bring this up again. Since you had requested to look at it again, here is the post

Happy reading.. Remember, wear Specs to read!!

Moolah said...

Bone: the reason is simple. His SELL accusation that I called a SELL on AirAsia at 2.60 is wearing thin and has literally collapsed.

So now he need to divert focus away. What else better than to use you?

Moolah said...


He really has so much hatred against others who have a different point of view.


Ah sam: Do go for a medical check up.

Do check your high blood pressure.

Samgoss said...

o poor ah bone..u only got 2 stocks strike ?jcy n mmode ?poor bone..I am referring 2 yr others lah....which got little bit of FA. find yrself which r those got little bit FA one...or may be u need my help 2 find ? LOL!

Mo mo... medical check up ? ha ha thanks 4 yr concern mo... happy 2 tell u , my latest check up was excellent ! Dr said my health condition looks like 30+ ! how u like that ?

Gua pun tak percaya dia cakap, I know I am fit..tapi takkan like 30s + mah..right mo ? may be this Dr wanna 2 bodek me... right mo ?

2 sugarboy bone , still searching which stock that u bot got FA ? still dun know which one ? aiyahhh....join my private blog lah..I teach u FA ..ok ? ha ha

Moolah said...

Ah Sam: Why so angry with Bone? He has his own opinions mah. Don't tell me like this also wrong?

'.. as long as u r using ta .. u r LOSER!'

Waaa... you have so much hatred against ta?

Why ah?

Don't la HATE everything in the world.

Bad Karma to be hating everyone leh.

You sure you have the right medical doctor?

So much hatred. So bad tempered.

Classical symptoms of high blood pressure.

Do stay away from red meat.

Samgoss said...

Hey mo,

I wonder y u wanna 2 back off from me so I know y oledi ^_-

cos... u hv no fans 2 support u anymore except a few sugar boys like bone n jackie, unlike those days...

ha ha... yr fans r losing faith on u anymore , cant u see u r getting lesser n lesser support lately ?

sorry mo... not my fault ok ? it is yr arrogant n childish character that scared them off ! LOL!

k.. I hv achieved what I wanted oledi , until d next war of words..88 mo.

yah..almost forgot this , b4 u blog anything, think twice, otherwise I will shames u again ! LOL!

88 mo..dun 4get 2 do medical check up ok ? without u..d world is meaningless ^_-

LOL! *****88888888

Bonescythe said...

Ah sam, which one? I don't know.. So many strike I got..

Are you referring to all this? I mention and call for it, straight up and give me more than 100% return. How? You want me to join your private blog and squat there for so long with nothing? Sorry lar, maybe if you ask me to teach you in a humble manner, I still can consider about it..

Aizh, all this no fundamental, but some give me 100-300% return for me. How? DPS? SYF? Perisai? DBE? Got fundamental mah? You can do this mah Old Fart Sam, call only then price surge.. You want another recent example of Sridge also can. I call buy with TP 0.28, it reached reach 0.275, somemore in a red red day.

Old Fart Sam, polish my shoes clean first.. If not, I think I won't accept you.

Moolah said...

Ah sam: Thanks for all these spam them.

Go for your medical check up.

Remember it's bad Karma for hating everyone in the world.

I pray that you get well.

Moolah said...

Bone: So after so many comments from ah sam or OFS, i still don't get what his point.

If I am not wrong, his main point he is trying to say is 'His one better then your one'.

Correct ah?

Bonescythe said...

But OFS scared to lose one.. He only like to play behind his wall, not wanting to let people know his so called "Terrific FA stock pick". How to make a fair game, and how to prove he is better than me? One sided game, he can manipulate all the result, just like what you can see in my post about him..

Unless he dare to open up his blog, then can have fair fight. If not, no use la Moolah. He got no guts, no balls, it is useless to fight/argue against ball-less people.. At least we got balls on our research.

Cheers to you Moolah. For good health.

Moolah said...

aw: ..... I hear you.... again. :)

Big Sea said...


Moolah just express his concern on AirAsia's leverage. Leverage is a double-edged sword. You cannot equate that to a sell call.

In addition, Moolah's AirAsia analysis is focus on cash flow. That is FA. In fact, I never see Moolah do any TA or make buy/sell call in the past 1 year !

Moolah said...

Thanks Big Sea.

And may I say that on the alleged sell posting, I actually gave AirAsia lots of credit for improving their balance sheet.

Bonescythe said...

Moolah, ball-less Sam is so ball-less until he can go on creating so many new blogging ID. Those ID like K S Neoh, Verdict, Adrian, Ocean Dream, Elegance Romance.. All registered at November 2011. He must be to frustrated that he needs to create new blog ID to spread pathetic lies to people. Who would want to believe him? 3000 subscribers, I think is 3000 dummies, because he spend all day creating 100 IDs I bet.

It is very sad how ball-less Old Fart Sam fight this kind of war. It is a losing war, but he is just doing all sort of junks he can to cover them up, and most importantly, make himself feels better, although the matter of fact that he is losing more than 9miles.

Anyhow, old people like him are stubborn. Don't ever expect Old Fart like him to turn over a new leaf, he will never.

Time will tell, he will come back telling you his blog got 4000-5000 subscriber. More lucrative name like "Ah kao, Ah chu, Banana leaf, Forest Dream, Coconut" will appear to comment soon.. Don't be surprise with this.

Till then, let him continue to be a good laughing stock. Without Old Fart Sam, the investment world would be 30% boring because of the lacking of his stupidity, self proclaimed FA god, and lousy self stabbing dramas.

Don't make him quit blogging, we still need him so that we can have another good laughter for the next 10 years to come.. Don't you like that Moolah ?

Cheers.. 2 beers up

Moolah said...

He now has created many new blogging IDs!!??!!


Such hard work. What if poor ah sam pulls a finger muscle? Looks like I might need to recommend him to see another doctor......

Bonescythe said...

In no time, you will be seeing those blogger ID that I had mentioned, set to private and not viewable to the public. But too bad, I had capture all those truth in screenshot.

Do you think we should continue to reveal OFS self stabbing truth? Later he really quit, we will have no more laughing stock to play with already. That will be a sad thing for the KLSE blogger..

What do you think? Or we should continue to reveal more of his faulty method? Haha.. I scared his blood vessel will burst lar.. Little how did I put up some concern on him, because I don't hope to see the newspaper reporting of a person face appearing there for the wrong reason..


Moolah said...

Bone: Leave him be, Don't lower yourself. Dali once said 'one should not wrestle in the mud with a pig'.

He spammed his baseless accusation and now knowing his accusation had collapsed, he's run off again.

Just like when he was accused to be liar and a cheater. He dared not answer in that posting directly.

Moolah said...

Ah sam: DO go for your medical check up. Cure your high blood pressure. It's causing you to be a bad tempered, angry person.

And also do go to the dentist since you have a bad mouth. Perhaps you have many rotten teeth. Try telling less lies too. It helps bad teeth. Cures smelly mouth too.

And last but not least, you are most welcomed to post a comment related to the posting. Any off topic posting will NOT be published.


toothlessgrin said...

Dear Moola,

I have been following your blog for the past 6 months, and I have to say you made me think to look past the eps and profits and instead deeper into the stocks fundamentals, not having a financial background made it difficult to understand a companys health, but your thorough and concise explanation made it much easier to understand. Tho it must be hard not to recommend stocks to those who ask.

I have to say I enjoyed reading how Brilliant Sam(BS) keeps embarrassing himself! Good entertainment, only in Malaysia you can find these kinds of ppl.. Talk about digging a hole for yourself.. Hats off to you for being so cool about it!

Oh and keep up the good work!

Yan Cheng Cheok said...

From my point of view, air craft business is not a good and easy business to run. As they need huge capital to buy air crafts to run the business. Yet, the air craft value will keep depreciating.

My thought is, business for consumer products, gambling, banking and oil are a good and comparative easy to run business.

Yan Cheng Cheok said...

Dear Ze Moola,

BTW, there are quite a lot of "noises" in your blog comment recently. While looking for constructive comment, I begin to feel headache while looking at the "noises".

May I suggest that, you may want to consider to remove them, to make your blog readers happier?


Moolah said...

Yan: I hear you. Thanks for your comments.

I have already decided NOT to publish anymore noises.


Moolah said...

Yeah.... got to keep THEM .... CLOSER!


Moolah said...

Yeah.... got to keep THEM .... CLOSER!


Bonescythe said...

Hi Moolah,

Will be boring liau when nobody to play with anymore :(

Moolah said...

Bone: Playing wrestle the pig in the mud is rather messy. :)