Wednesday, November 30, 2011

And CIMB Nicely Upgrades JCY from 58 sen to 1.14

Since I had blogged on JCY this morning in the posting A Look At JCY's 'Earnings Turnaround', I was rather 'excited' when I got hold of the JCY report from CIMB.

I wonder what they would say......

Well, CIMB UPGRADED JCY to a TRADING BUY with a target price of 1.14.

And this HOW they changed their earning estimate.

CIMB changed their previous JCY's fy 2012 earnings estimate of 138 million to 373.8 million!!.


The earnings estimate for JCY is now 373.8 million!!!!

I guess with such a nice, juicy, fantastic, lovely and sexy earnings estimate, JCY is worth 1.14.

**** JCY total earnings for its fy 2011 is only 14.553 million. ( CIMB estimate was 138 million!!! LOL! )

****  I can still remember CIMB giving an estimate of 359 million for JCY's fy 2010!! And how much did JCY actually earn for its FY 2010? 173.763 million only!!!!

**** Currently JCY last traded 73.5 sen. Down 3.3%.