Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Do You Want To Know .....

Remember the posting Totally Meaningless and The Root Of All Hatred

Just to refresh. In that posting, I showed how one blogspot user had been changing the user name and spamming local blogs.  Even blogs like nexttrade was spammed too!

Remember this account: http://www.blogger.com/profile/13845454760825339051. Just scroll over the name posted in the comments and you see this account profile.

Now just who is 13845454760825339051?

This morning, someone highlighted to me a very interesting link. 

Check this link out.


Let me take some screen shot just in case the posting is removed..

Now as mentioned before, roll the mouse over the name or you can click on the name itself.

Lydia Tze said.. Guess what is the blogger profile for Lydia Tze? 13845454760825339051!!!

G Lock said... Guess what is the blogger profile for G Lock? 13845454760825339051!!!

And the next comment...

Oops  silent reader has the same blogger profile too!!! 13845454760825339051 !!!

Ok then Samgoss blogger profile is http://www.blogger.com/profile/08674531928566826301

The next two comments:

 foremost 027 and  wiwi jungle jungle also shared the same blogger profile too: 13845454760825339051 !!

The next 3 comments showered much praise to the blog.

  • You are awesome < - > ;  Like the way of ur blogging, so real & funny < - >;
So awesome and so real!!!!!
But check out the blogger profile for those three that made those comments. They are all from the same blog profile! LOL! One user using many multiple nicks! Yeah babe, it's so real!
Corazo amigo, Nazrin Othman Pak Salleh , Mimi all shared the same said blogger profile too!!!! 13845454760825339051!!!!!
Are we counting? 8 comments all came from the same blogger profile. The very same profile that was seen spamming blogs like mine and Nexttrade.
The next 3 comments.
Same result!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okiolittle House and  Raymond Neo all have the same blogger profile 13845454760825339051!!!!
Now the next one..... most interesting!

  •  Financial Wizard said.....


    With your proven track records , do we need to say it more ?

    Have a nice weekend :}
Now check out  Financial Wizard blogger profile. It says 08674531928566826301

And guess who has the same blogger profile? Samgoss!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup Samgoss and Financial Wizard shared the same blogger profile!


Caught red handed once more. So malu leh.

Here we see Samgoss changed his profile name to Financial Wizard and made a comment on his own blog!


See Samgoss is so pandai. He knows how to create multiple nicks in blogspot.

Then came the next two comments from  i claud and  Anntox

  • At the same time ,I would like to thanks sam for his awesome picks , have been doing very well ever since I subscribed to his blog , bravo sam on yr bonus pick last month , D???????? rose almost 20% & lucky I have accepted yr bonus pick offer.
  • Me too , I am so lucky being offered with the bonus pick .
i claud  and Anntox praising the 'private subscription blog'.

The problem? i claud  and Anntox blogger profile is 13845454760825339051!!!!!!

The next two? Same result!

Patrick Koh and Ian Woon has the same blogger profile too! 13845454760825339051 !!!!

 Lee Shien KienIvan NeoGreenharvet all shared the same blogger profile too!

And the very last comment, New Yorker too shared the same blogger profile!!!!

See, when you create a blogger id, you are given a specific blogger profile. You can change the blogger display name but not the blogger profile. Yes, the blogger profile cannot be changed.

Now get this.

That blog posting has 21 comments!!!

19 comments all came from this blog profile: 13845454760825339051 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The other two comments came from blog profile 08674531928566826301, a profile used by samgoss!


Freaking creepy eh?

Comments from blogger profile 13845454760825339051 is used to spam hatred among all blogs and also used to promote samgoss private blog!

What nice scheme. Curse other bloggers and then promote own blog.

Problem is.... you have been found out!

ps: I wonder how long this posting and all its comments will remain: ^V^ I hv created a ta = tak ada akal blog 4 all ta losers esp mr lulu ^V^

Oops ... just an


Akagi Shigeru said...

Moola :
From the style of the comments and the command of the English of the comments we can sense that they are all coming from the same person. I just can't understand why heis still shiok sendiri ? I hope no one will spend money to subscribe to his private blog. Save the money for charity better.

Moolah said...

Akagi: One of his most shameful act was posting under the name 'okateng'.

See screenshot below:


Wings said...

Moola, something is really not right with this samgoss blogger. Caught red handed. Malu-ation-nya.

Digital said...

Akagi, if you dont subscribe or no one subscribe to his private blog, he will subscribes himself...no worry. That's how he make up the numbers...ha ha ha.

Moolah said...

Wings: Not the first time actually!




and then this one... lolzzz...


Moolah said...

Digital: It was 'shocking'...

21 comments in one posting coming all from the same person.

And to make it worst... look at the comments and its objectives.

Really creepy, eh?

And of course I do wonder how many subscription of his private blog are really real???

Moolah said...

Many years back, an uncle send me a private message asking for an opinon on a construction stock.

Attached was a 'copy and paste' of a research report.

The reasoning to buy the stock was based on the 'sure win low PE F.A. Strategy'...

However, I recognised the report.

The sytle of writing of the report was clear. It was from OSK.

I then compared to my notes.

Guess what? The report was dated more than a year ago.

So this 'so called' sifut was asking people to buy based on that.

But I knew something else WASN'T RIGHT!!!! This company I knew wasn't performing well at all. It was hardly making any money, which rendered that OSK report completely meaningless.

Which also mean that the stock was not trading at a low PE!!

And I told this uncle immediately!!

This is not right!

The recommendation was based on an OUTDATED RESEARCH REPORT and the stock wasn't even trading at low PE as suggested!

Yup... this is not right.

And guess who this so called siput is?

Yup... the one and only samgoss.

I understand that making money is important but we, are human beings. We have our own dignity. Our own principles and values in life.

To mislead others in such a manner is simply degrading.

Dean said...

thanks moolah on pointing out all this. how on earth can we have this kind of selfish and hypocrite person can survive this long. karma soon~

observer said...

samgoss is a schizophrenic! One of his personality dreams of saving the millions of newbies from TA even when nobody ask him too. Wonder whether he will create another personality to save the thousands of africans suffering from famine which is much more productive.

Moolah said...

In one of his previous schemes, in order to get his so-called tips, his followers must open an account with his 'friend' at RHB.

Ahem... go figure hor...

And the most laughable issue was he claimed he made so much... but when a RM 4 MILLION proposal was made... lol... there was no sound to be heard!

Refer: http://fusioninvestor.blogspot.com/2009/01/samgoss-outperforms-buffett-over-past.html


Mr ICICI said...

thx moolah for highlighting this.

i think there are still a lot of ppl out there who are not aware of this conman and his tricks.

this guy has no class whatsoever.

Moolah said...

Mr ICIC: Yes, we all want to make more money but there are moral virtues in which one needs to uphold.

Some of the stuff done by samgoss is simply despicable.

Mun Wai said...


I think this fler offers no good tipsy la. Not humble at all. Look at his blog name.

Somemore so emotional, how to see things clearly.

Moolah said...

Ah Wai: It's not the issue of being humble really.

Look at the mian issue? What's the point?

What's the point of HIDING under multiple nicks to promote ownself?

Tak malu ka?

What's the point of HIDING under multiple nicks to spam post of hatred all over?

Tak malu la? Chicken ah? Want to attack people, why the need to hide under a false name?

Tak malu ka?

And yeah.. this screenshot too was one of his many handiwork.


Singapore Man of Leisure said...

Thanks Moolah!

I never noticed this blogger profile id before. Now I know where to look if I "suspect" some readers comment are from the same person!

Like that also can?

Moolah said...

No problem at all.

Just check the blogger profile number. Each blogger profile number is unique and the profile number CANNOT be replicated.

Mun Wai said...

What I mean is from the way he writes, the records of him harassing others, the childish approach , even writing style, plus the tagline of blog (Ah Wai somehow views this as important - reasonable degree of humbleness), this fler really has NOTHING good to offer, perhaps nothing to offer. That's why he resorts to harrasing others. No substance.

Dun see that he feels shameful of all these acts. He blames you for doing some hanky panky IT tricks to accuse him. No remorse at all though the evidences are so loud and clear.

He is just terribly sick. But, it’s him who is sick, afterall.

Those who subscribe to his blog…well, perhaps they have the same/similar character. Like attracts like.

Moolah said...


He blames me for using hanky panky IT stuff?



That must be the lamest thing ever!

Ah Wai, a blogger profile number cannot be replicated.

As mentioned before, this is MY blogger profile number. 16837745401820976707. If ever anyone can replicate my blogger profile number, I will quit blogspot!

Yup. This is terribly sick. A disgrace to all human.

Moolah said...

So think about it.....

Multiple nicks are used to declare he is good.....


to attract more paid subscriptions to his private blog....


So what does this spell????

What do you reckon is happening here?

Doesn't it reek of SCAM?

Mun Wai said...

Moo sorry. What I wrote was really off topic.Let's not talk about it.

It is suppose to be the "Hall of Shame".

Moolah said...


Don't worry about it. Many thanks for highlighting that I am accused for using hight tech IT prank.

Rather silly and brainless accusation.

Anyway, this is always gonna be a wrestle in the mud with THE PIG....


however... I guess someone just got to do this dirty job.

Did you know that after that 'construction tip' I mentioned earlier in the comments, I discovered another 'wonderful' tip. The earnings per share was CHANGED so that the stock he selected fell into his low PE stock selection criteria.

Well.. you can interpret the integrity.

Moolah said...

ps: this is my personal blog and the only OT I know stands for Old Trafford.


random said...

where to see the blogger number ah?

Mike Forex Cable said...

congrats...great piece of posting on tat FAi chai......

Moolah said...

Random: lolzzz!

I guess you did not read the posting in detail.

Doesn't matter.

See your name? random

Now you can either...

1. Mouse over it. Once you mouse over it, at the bottom left of your explorer or firefox, you will see http://www.blogger.com/profile/17124201255380812495.

17124201255380812495 is your exclusive and unique blogger profile number. It cannot be replicated.

2. Alternatively, just click on the name random. You will be directed to a new page. Now on the top of your explorer/firefox/chrome, what do you see? You will see a web address, which is your blogger profile number. ie http://www.blogger.com/profile/17124201255380812495.

Now go back to that highlighted webpage: http://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=2900671137131972978&postID=2966191914182449127.

What do you see?


Now mouse over or click on the commenters. What blogger profile do you see? Aren't they all the same?

( lolzzz... now how could I ever pull of such hanky panky? )

then.. the biggest BROKEN POT is.... look for samgoss and Financial Wizard blogger profile numbers.

What do you see?

Why are they the same?

lolzzz....caught red handed once more yes?

21 comments.... all the same blogger profile...

so desperate ah? nobody talk that he needs to talk/praise himself?

so desperate that he needs to post hatred spams on other blogs?

random said...

ya everything he does is just to get people to go to his blog and subscribe.. it's not new, we've known it for a very long time.

still nice to kantoi him.. gj


Mun Wai said...

Moo I googled and the search engine returns ---->

Old Trafford , Theatre of Dreams :)

Moolah said...

Must be one hell of a nice place!


Moolah said...


Many thanks for the POSTSINGS error!


Big Sea said...

Initially I thought he was good, but did not subscribe because the speed he switch stock is too fast to me (considering you bought the stock for fundamental).
I believe most of his followers (if any !) are not really FA or TA but rather those who just follow news. Otherwise they will not buy his agrument.

Moolah said...

A few years ago, after I was alerted about his outdated/low pe email scam, I read thru his postings on the old osk188 message board. Guess what? His reasonings always had huge questions marks.

Go figure.