Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Root Of All Hatred

I do attempt to read most comments posted in this blog seriously but then as we all know, there are some Malaysians who have utterly no class at all.

Gutter class is the phrase that comes to mind.

They post senseless comments with such hatred but sadly why the hatred?

And to make things more stupid, don't they realise that this is the stock market? Don't they understand that comments, views and opinions are worth 5 sen for a dozen?

And just because a comment doesn't align with their narrow thinking mindset, what divine right to post hatred throughout the net?

Comeon... can you show some class and can you grow up?

For example: That posting Can You Say No Class? was simply priceless. Blogger Dali post a stock on his Malaysia Finance blog and sadly the stock tanks. So what does this sad person do? Spams my blog and yes, other blogs too, posting hatred comments on Dali. No sorry, Darlie Singh is the name used.

A blogger, Seng, of Fusion Investor actually stopped blogging due to these nonsense. See Seng's postings. And The Spamming Blogger Strikes Again, Can you tell the difference? and Winds Of Courage for example. And until today, I still do not understand why the hatred towards Seng.

Is it because blogger Seng was more popular and better in the stock market?

I do not know. But when I take into consideration of the hatred postings towards Dali, I am afraid I am biased to that reasoning. Dali as we all know is of course very good in the stock market and certainly very popular.

Perhaps that's the root of all hatred.

Compare Can you tell the difference? posting and the postings made here: Yet Another Utterly Degrading Spam From Samgoss, Still So Proud Of What You Are Doing, Samgoss?, Are You Proud Of What You Are Doing Samgoss? Compare the style of the writings. Same person? You bet!

Posting hatred comments under multi nicks.

Yeah those were 2009 and even 2007 postings, It's now 2011. You think he would grow up.

Seriously, this is utterly childish.

And thank goodness that blogspot have comments moderation.

Yeah, I do not even have to read to the comments. All I need to do is see the name to reject their comments.

LOL! And this I wonder if he knows.

Seriously, why keep spamming when I don't even read?

Ah... I am sure I will be accused of lying here.

Lucky there's screen shots.

Here's one screenshot of the unread comments I received from that neno. ( LOL! I am sure I will still get many more comments after this posting. Oh, perhaps the creation of a new blogger nick! LOL! )

Yeah.. unread. lol.

Same goes with all these.

And to prove the utter childish hatred posted... let's take one peep.

Oh don't worry about me, I have taken some anti nausea pills just now.

OMG!!!! He's now picking an issue with Alex of nexttrade blog!!!!

And what's the point of that?

Trying desperately to prove he's better????

Doesn't this support my theory that attacks and hatreds are posted against bloggers who are BETTER and more POPULAR than him?

Rather conclusive, yes?

Get a life la.

And I guess I don't even have to read anymore of them unread comments, do I?

( ps: Seng if you are reading this, Hi! Drop me a line! :=) )


25 Jan 2011

Cannot resist this clip from yesterday's Star.


Anon118 said...

hey, my nick is there... LoL!
I've been trying to follow what all the fuss about this spamming, etc... sigh... boring ady... But Thanks Moolah, otherwise we have nothing else to read :P

Moolah said...

Sad to see what's left in humanity when one resorts to such attitude in life.

Moolah said...

He attacks Seng.
He attacks Dali.
He attacks Alex.


Are these bloggers better than him? I certainly think so.

Are these bloggers more popular than him? I certainly think so

Anon118 said...

U know... I think he/she/it... is a coward la... (for easy reference, let's refer this he/she/it as $hit)

Always say you no guts (based on what I've read), but $hit don't even dare to reveal which blog $hit is from...

A coward picking a fight because this $hit has a meaningless life.

I'd prefer to read about what you think la Bro...

Moolah said...

Oh wait!

I am being told he has a private blog in which he charges subscription money.

No wonder!

Bloggers like Alex and Dali represents competition and in business competition is no good!

How to rid off competiion?


You have to be good.
You have to be popular.
You have to eliminate competition.


You spam and you bad mouth your competition!

Anon118 said...

Competition? What competition Bro? Different class la wei...

Let's not soil the name of Alex, Dali or even Seng (unfortunately for me, he's retired). We shouldn't lump together people of quality with $hit.

$hit's blog has no comments, no feedbacks and deteriorating "clientele". Why? Becoz u can only bull$hit to some people some of the time, you cant bull$hit to everyone all of the time.

$hit is so free, nothing to do, jealous and also a coward... so spam other people lor...

Moolah said...

Er.. let's not talk class. That one I know the answer.

But think about it.

What else could be the reason if not the issue of competition?

Seriously, is he a lunatic who has nothing else better to do than make childish, senseless spams throughout blogs?

Eat full nothing else better to do ah?

Could he seriously be nothing but a lunatic?

Or perhaps the competition issue is one of main reasoning.

He wants to be popular.
He wants to be known as SIFU.

Well... he can't have that when blogs like Alex and Dali are miles, miles ahead of his pathetic blog, yes?

So what other option than the mindless and choldish spamming?

Akagi Shigeru said...

I have the same thing in my blog. I am a nobody or a celebrity blogger like Dali or you yourself. Still he wanted to attache me .... aiiii here is the writing.... http://sgbuaya.blogspot.com/2011/01/immanuel-kant.html here

Moolah said...

Akagi: Thanks for the link:



I rest my case.

That is really one sick person.

ryan said...

moolah u r good at tracking down and analyzing on all matters~! salute!

apart from that do u care to explain and what to take note when a company is emphasizing on revenue growth when earning is still low or negative?

thank you.

Moolah said...

ryan: let's take the stock market entirely out of the question you have asked.

So you have this one company.

Say you are a shareholder.

Company yearly in its agm tells you sales improving. Every year got X percent of growth.

But then.. earnings remain.

Now as a shareholder, as a partner of this company, since earnings remain low ( worse still losing money), do you expect to gain anything from the fantastic sales revenue growth?

Are you going to expect more dividends?

If no, then what's good is the sales revenue growth?

Or how this....

Say you have this Jack trying to tackle this gal called Jill.

Jack boasts to Jill that his salary had been increasing all the time. So he wants to marry Jill. Jack tells Jill, not to worry, he can support Jill.

Now Jill, looks at Jack and ask him sure boh?

And says, "If your salary is increasing all the time, why do you keep asking me to lend you money? And why is your bank balance always kosong?" And adds, "How can I trust that you can support me after we get married?"

solomon said...

What one intend to show is I am better than u. If u finished the sentence what u get leh?

Presume now, he is the best of class with all As. He might have some listener in his own world. Let clap hands for him, salute him

I admire this person on courage but if he could rightly share his thought without personal attack, I think no harm to hear things out, there is difference between a Robin bird and crow chirping..be robin or crow is one choice? Make sure no droppings on my head?

Moolah said...

Solomon: Do read those posting.

1. http://fusioninvestor.blogspot.com/2009/02/can-you-tell-difference.html

Yeah, we (Seng and a couple others) caught Samgoss posting in multiple nicks.

And what does he do?

He used the nick and posted this comment.


I rest my case.

Gamelion said...

Pride Comes Before The Fall

Moolah said...

Solomon: I do quite get your all As perspective. Sorry. :/

Here we have a blogger. He runs a paid subsrciption website.

To 'eliminate competition' (not that's such a laughable issue in the first place cos everyone knows his quality. LOL! ) , he spits at everyone else who poses a threat to his popularity ( Damn! His stock market blogging a popularity contest? ) by using multiple blog nicks.

Now tell me, if this is classy or what.

Did you see the same comments posting at this other blog?


Tell me if there exist any other lower life form around?

And yeah, his mom will be real proud of the following comments he posted too!


Tommy said...

Hi Moolah.
I read your blog. I also read Dali's blog. But I am no stock market punter. Just a simple person trying to learn from masters.

However, I do know that sometimes bad people will sabotage a blog because the relevant blogger is causing great discomfort to themselves (bad people) with the bloggers comments.

How I wish I was your son so you can pass on your 'kungfu' to me. :)

Keep up the good work.

Moolah said...

Tommy: I am actually pretty calm about everything that has happened.

Comments moderation helps a lot because it heps me streams out the known spammers. Yeah, I do not even have to read what they write. LOL!

I do feel it's high time that everyone knows and understand all the disgusting things that he has done.

It's really embarassing to say the least. Yes, no joke. I feel malu la knowing that such a Malaysian exist.

An utter shame to all Malaysians.

Mike Forex Cable said...

he spams my blog too. The main reason he spend so much time spamming is he gets free publicity. Some readers out of curiosity will read his blog n maybe even pay to go to his pte blog. So the only solution for me is currently I just call him FAi chai..seems to b working I hope. I prefer to practice free access to post comment. Its fun sometimes to read Fai chai repeating himself with very immature and pathetic comments....

Moolah said...



Another he spams your blog too?

TK said...

Kakaka, my chat box also has some messages. Am I becoming popular? LOL!

Belitle others to elevate oneself. This is the way he promote himself. The way he spam, make people curious to read his blog. If the bloggers responded, be it positive or negative, also make people interested to see what he had said or written.

There is one book call 厚黑学 in Mandarin (Thick & Black theory) Thick = thick skin, Black = black heart. May be he is applying that type of philosophy.

Moolah said...

To promote himself..
To gain popularity..

What does he do?

He attacks all other bloggers?

Good grief.

jackofalltrades said...

He's a disgrace to the Chinese. Doesn't Chinese culture teach him to be respectful and humble?

jackofalltrades said...

No matter how good he is, he will never earn my respect. If this is said to him, he will say he doesn't need anyone's respect as long as he can make money yadi yadi yada.

I paid to access his private blog for the past one year. Ironically, I checked out Dali's blog more often than his. As a matter of fact, I only followed his call ONCE. If he blogged like Dali and cut out all the boasting and bad-mouthing, I would have been one of his "faithful" readers.

Sometimes I wonder how much money is required to move one counter. He boasts that he's got 2500+ members. That's an underestimate because there are people sharing the membership. Let's say we take 2500 members and each of them have RM3k to invest. He's got potentially RM7.5m to back up his buy calls. This is in addition to his own funds. I think in a way the paid members are fueling his "popularity".

Don't call me sour grapes or anything if he ever reads this comment. Even though I don't make much from his calls, I don't lose anything either. In fact, my return (money and knowledge) by following Dali is much decent than my friend's who is a "fan" of him. (Well, my friend always buys later and sell later than him.)

Moolah said...

jackofalltrades: I could have shared a LOT of his low handed stuff.

But I won't.

I don't see the point at all. ;)

ps: This is not big talk but it was in 2006 or is it 2005, a forum member emailed me and asked me about a stock pick. It appeared written in a 'local pro' manner.

But I recognised the style of the writing. It belonged to OSK Research.

And apparently this so-called sifoo recommended my friend to buy the stock.

And one of classical reason used to buy the stock was that the stock was trading at a low PE multiple.

But I knew INSTANLY something was amiss.

The said company was NOT doing well. I knew that for a fact cos of the earnings reported at Bursa website.

But here it was... this so-called sifoo telling people the stock was BUY based on his LOW PE method.

Which was false cos the stock was doing badly financially.

And then... I noted....

the DATE of the research reprot from OSK.



That so-called LOW PE stock master, used an OUTDATED report to justify his LOW PE claim.

And naturally the stock did poorly.

Ya... low PE.

And do you know who this LOW PE stock master is?????

And that's how unfortunately I learned about his low life methods.

How sad.

Moolah said...

In summary..

1. He used OSK report and treated it as it own.

2. Claimed it was a LOW PE selection. It wasnt't because in reality, the company was doing poorly financially.

3. Stock report that he claimed was his, was outdated.

Bravo, isn't it?