Friday, December 17, 2010

Can You Say No Class?

Got the following set of comments.

  • neno said

    dali called to buy jcy @1.60, proof here >

    Darlie singh call buy on JCY @ 1.60 :-
    Thursday, February 11, 2010
    JCY's New Pricing

    JCY looks likely to slash its IPO price to RM1.60 from an earlier indicative RM2.00. At RM1.60, its a good price level to get in. I still think its fair value is at RM1.80. Enough said.
    Posted by Salvatore_Dali at 1:41 PM
    Labels: JCY, Rannes Man


Dear neno or whoever you are ( yes, it's so easy to create a name many times and post countless 'comments') .

Darlie Singh???? ( Hmmm.... where have I heard this name before? Where ah?)

Take a good look at yourself. Are you proud of what you are doing here? Name callings at other blogs? Don't you have any class at all? Or perhaps you are simply rude? Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

So apparently JCY has gone down.

Yeah... so what?

Does Dali owe you anything all? Does he get paid by for what he blogs? Are you paying him for any investment advice? Did he point a gun to you and force you to buy whatever he posts?

So Dali blogs a posting and the stock tanks.

Yeah.. naughty and bad Dali for blogging such a stock.

But wait just a minute.

Why on earth are you dragging that posting to this blog of mine?

Do I owe you anything?

Does my blog look like a complaint department?

Yeah... get burned in a stock by following what's written on a blog posting and just forward all your grumblings and rantings here?


Grow up lah and be a real man.


random said...


this post made my day :D

bonny b said...

Dear Moo,
I agree fully with u on those 'wise-guys' who like to point fingers all the time. Just give it to them, n make them grow sure yr readers mostly agree. Btw, scant postings here lately. Been on holiday? Best Wishes, Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!!

Moolah said...

bonny b: there are some pointless people who simply likes to make a fool of themselves by making pointless comments.

Seriously.. why on earth was the comments posted on my blog?

If there were some serious grudge against Dali, be a real man and have some balls and direct the posting to Dali's blog too.

And to make matters worst... do they even have a right to blame?

It's a blog posting. Period.

And if they are brainless themselves to just simply follow a blog posting just like that, what's there to complain?

And last but not least, if you click on Dali's posting,, there were NO comments made on that Feb posting.

Exactly! If one did not agree with the posting and thinks that JCY is a potential lemon, why didn't they have the guts to make a comment then?

Commenting now.... is so pointless.

ps: I'm in a holiday mood. :=)

Moolah said...

random: some comments are so blardee pondan. Yes, I would dare say that's got to be the most pondan comment left on a blog.


If they don't like Dali and if they hold a grudge against a Dali, don't be a pondan and start spamming comments against Dali all over the net.

Such utter no class.

random said...

maybe he not enough ppl subscribe to his blog ;)

Wall Street KLCI said...

i get that on my blog too ... sigh... i dont understand what is the motivation behind this neno.

but come on la, in stock market nobody force you to buy anything.

i have an interesting question, if that person earns $ from the blog featured stock, will he post to many website and thank Dali?

Digital said...

If they're brainless they will not be able to looks like they have bird brain and complained unnecessary. They dont understand what is blog, they dont understand what is stock market at all. Basically they complained just to get cheap publicity.

Moolah said...

Wall Street KLCI: There exist one blog which for whatever reason has shown so much hatred towards others.

It's simply beyond comphrension.

And yes, the name Darlie Singh originated from there.

Moolah said...

Digital: Bird brain? LOL!

Yeah... seriously.

If they complains against Dali, direct them complains to him and not by spamming other blogs.

Seriously... what am I? I am no one. Heck, I even have no motivation to talk what stock will go up or what stock will go down.

So why post it here?

Bum itchy nak cari pasal ke?

random said...

He is bored la.. no one argue with him anymore..

eat full nothing to do..

Moolah said...

Sorry but I don't see what on earth is there to even argue about.

Utterly brain dead and pointless.

solomon said...

Maybe u have some direct comment on some stocks that so happen disagree with Dali coincidently?

Whether Ada telor atau take Ada teller be it is like mushroom one....down one here up one there...sometimes pei than cha them, ki si yi lang grow up? Poh chai, Moolah loo chai boh?

can change the grenade to brown cow tang? Joking, merry xmas

Moolah said...

Solomon: Go ahead, go ask Dali which fan of his calls him Darlie Singh.


Some are just pure idiotic trouble makers!

David K said...

Hahaha! I got this in my blog also. Maybe I should follow you and post my reply to his cowardly post :)

Moolah said...

You too???

Goodness me. This is insane.

Totally sad to see such pathetic idiots.

The Accidental Investor said...


I have had meetings with Dali before. He's got access to venture funds to invest in startup companies and is a nice knowledgeable guy.

Chelski game postponed.

How come you no longer posting in goalposts?

Supporter of Man United and airways.

Moolah said...

rederic: Aha! What's up mate? :=)

I do read most of the posts but I have been terribly guilty of being a .... lurker! LOL!

David said...

He probably lost all his EPF savings on that tip. TT