Thursday, December 30, 2010

And We Have A Stop In Outflows!


Here's the good news.....

The streak of consecutive outflows from stock equity mutual funds by Americans ends at 33 straight weeks babe!

Yes, last week there was an inflow recorded!

Americans have put money into their equity funds.

How much?

Err... just 335 million.

Here's the score. From 28 April 2010 to 22 Dec 2010, Americans withdrew some 100.898 Billion (yeah.. that's no typo and it's Billion) from their stock equity mutual funds.

*** 13 Jan 2010. This posting is rendered pointless! LOL!

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Simon said...

How you check this on US stock?
Can you have this similar report for KLSE?

Moolah said...

Simon the data is provided by ICI.