Thursday, October 07, 2010

Shh.. Market's Going Higher, Let's Not Mention The Fund Flows Or Better Still Let's .....

Shh.. market's going higher, let's not mention the fund flows or better still let's ..... ask CNBC to talk about the current fund flows.


Did Bob Pisani said that there was inflows into stock mutual funds in September???

Tide is turning?!!

Uh ah!

With that data from ICI, it would mean that we have seen 22 consecutive weeks of fund OUTflows!!!

And CNBC is telling America and the rest of the world that there's INFLOWS!

Here's the data. 22 consecutive weeks of outflows and 78 Billion withdrawn from stock equity mutual funds!

Monthly breakdowns.

5 consecutive MONTHS of outflows! Wall Street With Funds With Lesser Funds? No wonder Meredith Whitney predicts that there could be 80,000 layoffs in Wall Street!

Yeah I was expecting that data would be bad again this week but the CNBC clip certainly put everything in a nice perspective, yes?

Equity mutual fund investors are PULLING money out of their equity funds but Bob Pisani and CNBC reckons it's best to tell America and the rest of the world that investors are PUTTING money into their equity funds instead!

Irony. From a CNBC article in September 2010, 'Flash Crash' Effect: Investors Don't Trust Wall Street

  • Nearly five months after the May 6 Flash Crash, many individual investors see the stock market as rigged, and they have little confidence in regulators to fix it.

    Most of the poll's 1,035 respondents view the market as unfair to small investors.
    In a new CNBC/Associated Press poll, 86 percent of the 1,035 respondents view the market as unfair to small investors..... ( more here )

Perhaps CNBC should ask investors if they trust CNBC!!!

Here's two nice posting to read again, Why Small Investors Have No Interest In Equities and They Just Don't Trust Wall Street


What do we have?

Markets is going UP.
And Gold is going UP.
And long term treasuries is soaring!
And world markets is going UP!
And USD is falling! LOL!
And Japan is now on ZERO percent rates!
Stock mutual fund is UP too!
Insiders selling is also UP too!
Bura Malaysia is also UP too!

Past postings tracking the fund outflows.


Mr ICICI said...

just a note, meredith whitney hasn't got any of her calls correct since starting her own firm in don't look too much into it.

Moolah said...


Why focus on WHO said what instead of what's being said?

Perhaps 80,000 might be a stunning number but what about her reasonings? Are they valid or not?

Ah.. this one... according to 'tipsters' (LOL!)

Moolah said...

posted on 4closurefraud!

Check it out... it's insane! oO

bonny b said...

The big banks and their fund-management clients are doing great. They don't care about salaried employees. They may not even be thought of as a species higher than those featured on Animal Planet. The fact remains that so long as the Fed and central banks around the world worship QE as the primary means to get economies going, cheap money is always available. So up up and away derivatives, commodities and securities. But be forewarned, don't get over-hung on eating too much fish!!

Moolah said...

bb: damn! you are seriously obsessed with......... fish!


on second thoughts... fish is good!