Saturday, October 09, 2010

Alcoa (AA) 'Beat' The Estimates

Yeah 'they' beat the estimates: Alcoa beats estimates in Q3

  • NEW YORK: Alcoa Inc’s third-quarter profit beat Wall Street estimates and the largest US aluminum producer increased its outlook for global aluminum demand, sending its shares up more than 3%.

    Alcoa raised its 2010 global aluminum consumption growth forecast to 13% from 12%, noting growing demand from countries such as China, Brazil, India and Russia.

    In its third-quarter earnings release, Alcoa said net income was US$61mil, or 6 US cents per share, compared with US$77mil, or 8 US cents per share, in the same quarter last year, citing a drop in the price of aluminum and a weaker dollar. — Reuters

Beat estimates eh?

Previous year same quarter, AA made 8 cents per share.

Last quarter in July 2010? A Look At Alcoa's Earnings: How Good Was It?

  • Alcoa kicked off the second-quarter earnings season after the market close Monday and said that its profits came in at 13 cents a share, which beat analyst estimates by a penny. Revenue rose to US$5.2 billion, also above estimates

Yeah in Q2, Alcoa did 13 cents!

In short, 2009 Q3, AA did 8 sen. 2010 Q2 AA did 13 sen. 2010 Q3 AA did 6 sen.

So how good is it when the media and the street boldly declares the fact that Alcoa beat the estimates?

Doncha just love Wall Strreeeeet!



Mr ICICI said...

hey moola,

there was an article on green packet in the wkly edge. they might need to splash out more capex again to upgrade to LTE (and i think they have yet to finish rolling out their wimax. LOL). and of course the words 'green packet' always go hand in hand with 'ebitda breakeven'. you might wanna update your blog and remind us again of their life-long quest to 'ebitda breakeven'. lol.

Moolah said...

I do not buy their printed editions.