Friday, October 29, 2010

Update On FimaCorp's Earnings

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Let's review what was posting back in Aug 2010. In the posting Review Of Fima Corp's Earnings, I updated FimaCorp's earnings.

And the business segmentals.

As can be seen, the printing business from FimaCorp offers a great steady income to FimaCorp's bottom line but the main driver is the palm oil business. It's so clear. In 2009, FimaCorp's palm oil business delivered 17.2 million in profits. Last fiscal year, it delivered 31.5 million in profits!

The first quarter of the current fiscal year, the palm oil business delivered some 13.3 million in earnings. At an annualised basis, assuming no growth, this could equate to some 52 million in earnings.

FimaCorp announced its earnings last night.

Here's the updated numbers

Slight concerns over the increase in receivables.

The updated business segmentals

Fimacorp last traded at 5.75.


ronnie said...

Yo Moola,

CIMB has ceased coverage of Notion Vtec.

Congratulations on your prescient remarks on this company.

Moolah said...

I read CIMB's write-up on Notion. I was not impressed with their justification to drop coverage.