Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oct 18: Are Insiders Buying Or Selling?

Can't seem to find Bloomberg's link. :(

Anyway, here's ZH cover: Insider Selling To Buying Update: 2,019 To 1

  • Just when everyone thought we may see some moderation in the wholesale dumping of equities by those who actually know what their companies are worth better than moronic stock pumpers on stations that are rapidly losing their viewership, here come the same insiders and pull the rug right from underneath the latest batch of hot potato recipients (that would be various collocated computers mostly, and involuntary taxpayers course). Two weeks ago, insiders sold "only" 1,169 times more than they bought. Alas, last week selling apparently is the new black again, with selling outpacing buying on the S&P by a factor of 2,018. Insiders in Oracle, GameStop, Google, CSX and General Mills appear to be particularly partial to the new black. Something tells us CNBC will not pick up this particular piece of news.

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