Thursday, September 02, 2010

58 Billion Reason Why Americans Thinks Their Stock Market Sucks!

Nah.. it's not breaking news no more. Some aren't even interested in this anymore.

But.... for those who are still interested... here's the weekly update!

Americans have taken out some 4.313 Billion from the equity markets!

Here's my table keeping track of what's happening...

And yes... some 58 (57.7) Billion USD have caught the last train for the coast... the day the music ....

And if you have been counting, that's seventeen consecutive weeks that Americans have pulled out money from long term equity funds.

Seventeen yo!

And 57.7 BILLION bucks!


Them Americans simply don't care! Their equity market could be flying or it could be plunging. All they want to do is they just want out!

Yeah.. value is not required! Neither is stock charts.

But for the fun of it....




The 'GREEN ZONE' shown in the charts above, indicates this seventeen weeks when Americans have pulled some 58 Billion out of their equity markets!

Yeah.. in regardless if their markets is UP or DOWN... they just WANT OUT!

ps: how ironic... some markets rally because of the US markets. :P


Simon said...

what is happening?
this will impact KLSE right

Gamelion said...

Investing in the stock market for long term is a LOSER’S GAME. Just to get back to its 1999 level in real, inflation-adjusted terms, the Dow would have to hit 13,460.

Moolah said...

Simon: I have no idea, seriously.

The media keeps 'selling' that the US Markets is getting 'better'.. but how much 'better' can it gets when the participants in the markets keep wanting to get out?

Moolah said...

gamelion: :P

Moolah said...

Simon: One impact was mentioned the past couple of weeks which was the investment bankers have been seeing a bunch of layoffs!


kokanart said...

If Americans sold their shares ie net-sell to get out of the market, then who are the net-buyers?

Logically speaking, for every seller there is, of course, a buyer.

Are you referring to retail ie members of the public ( not the big insiders ) who are pulling out?

kokanart said...

Sorry - I didn't read carefully.

Anyway, as U said.. Americans withdrew ie net-sold their LongTerm Mutual funds.
These Funds sold off shares in the equity markets to repay their American ex-mutualfund holders.

Question is : who bought the shares that were sold by these LongTerm mutual funds?

Which group of people ? Other Americans ?
If not other Americans, then it must be foreigners. If foreigners are the net-buyers - then we have to ask why.