Saturday, September 04, 2010

Market Soars But 'They' Are Still On Vacation!

And the markets they rallied again and the best one line from CNN Market Wrap article, Dow back in the black for 2010

  • Trading volume was light with many market participants on vacation.

That just says it all.

The excuse that the trading volume was light or non-existent or DEAD was many market participants are on vacation.


Still on vacation?

Doesn't that line wears awfully thin?

Just how long have they been on vacation? Since 28th April 2010? ( *winks* )

How about they tell the fact that too little money had been withdrawn from the equity mutual funds? When these fund have no money, how does one expect to see volume in the markets? ( See 58 Billion Reason Why Americans Thinks Their Stock Market Sucks! )

On vacation? LOL!

ps: Houston, We Have No Problem... Or Volume and Can You Hear Me Now? 17th Weekly Fund Outflow As Equity Fund Redemptions Accelerate


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