Thursday, August 05, 2010

Stocks Are Flying To The Orbit But Investors Keeps Cashing Out!

The markets keep telling you that the stocks are going higher and higher.

Stocks are simpling flying into the orbit...

The technicians are going berserk!

S&P is trading above the 200 MA, the lows are highers, the highs are highers.... all system go, right Houston?

And despite all the constant bad news, the market still continues to trend higher.

This is great or what!


here's an update to the posting Since 28th April 2010, Americans Pulled USD 42.116 Billion Out From Equities!

In today's ici filings:

  • Equity funds had estimated outflows of $3.85 billion for the week, compared to estimated outflows of $1.32 billion in the previous week. Domestic equity funds had estimated outflows of $4.10 billion, while estimated inflows to foreign equity funds were $255 million.


Domestic equity funds had estimated outflows of $4.10 billion???


Now if I update my compiled table, this is what I am starring at.

So from 28th April 2010 to 28th July 2010, domestic (Americans) have pulled out a mere US 47.025 Billion out from the equities market!

47.025 Billion out in exactly 3 months!

That's ONLY 15.675 Billion taken out from the US equity markets!


How do you really want to interpret this?

Americans simply don't like their stock markets no more?

Or do Americans know something we don't know?


Do you like how the US stock market is melting upwards?

Or as long as the market is UP or Green, everything else matters not?

Yeah.. the market is on a BULL RUN! I simply need to STFU!



Unknown said...

Dear Moola,

What happened to Notion today ? The share price was half dead until about 4.30pm. Trading below its overnight price of RM2.10. At 4.36pm, the share price went ballistic. It moved from RM2.05 at 4pm to RM2.20 at 4.50pm. Half the day's volume was traded at RM2.20 !!! Please explain as I am stupid.

Moolah said...


Well ... here's an answer from someone who is equally stupid. :D

At any given day, stocks do have a mind of their own.

And so... Notion... went on a ballistic motion and decided that it would nice to close at 2.20.


solomon said...

It needs only an event to trigger a massive sell off.....

Notion, I don't think it will last on the share price....just a thought. Maybe, some major shareholder want to avoid margin call if they pledge their shares gua??

Moolah said...

Err.. Notion's earnings is really ugly! :P

Doing an new posting: Update On Notion VTec's Earnings

Stay tuned! :P