Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Premium Over Traded Prices Means A Fair Offer?

A privatisation offer priced at a premium over traded stock price does NOT necessary means the offer price is fair.

Paying the minority shareholder premium peanuts still means the minority shareholder is getting peanuts.

And a peanut is a peanut is a peanut is a nut.

And not all investors are nuts.

Do not insult us.


random said...


Moolah said...


random said...

u should put a like button like in facebook so i can like yr post

Gamelion said...

My friend , r u alright? Dont go
overboard 4 that nut. Yes i know life
is so unfair 4 those who had caught on the wrong kind of investment & so
life must go on otherwise we will turn into a nut .

Moolah said...

Random: Does facebook have a HATE button? :P

Gamelion: LOL! Going nutty. Too many weeks .... without.... bola.

random said...

community shield coming soon..


i will send the league invite as soon as i have a team

(cant decide on the players yet)