Monday, August 02, 2010

P&O: And The Flying Stock Soars Even Higher!

What a circus!

K&N writes on P&O, based on hugely questionable reasoning, as explained in the posting
Regarding P&O: The Stock That Flew Into Orbit.

Stock flies to the orbit.

Star Business highlights what K&N writes and throws in a seduceable name,
Prudential UK, but the name is based on 'market talk'. Yeah it is believed, so said Star Business.

And what does K&N do today?

They published another report based on Star Business'
Prudential UK eyes P&O takeover

Absolutely brilliant.

And needless to say the stock soared.... up a whopping 22%!

Life is great! :D

And to spice things up further... P&O made the following announcement today..

  • On 29 July 2010, Pacific & Orient Berhad had written to Bank Negara Malaysia to seek their approval to begin preliminary discussions for the potential divestment of an equity interest in Pacific & Orient Insurance Co. Bhd. to Prudential Holdings Limited.

Oh .... they wrote to Bank Negara on 29th July, eh?

And oh... what irony because when Star Business published the article on Saturday, Star Business specifically said "P&O declined to comment on the matter."