Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Update On Guan Chong's Posting

Posted last night: Review Of Guan Chong's Earnings

Received the following comments:

  • tklaw said...

    What an amazing quarterly earnings. I did not notice the company involved in commodity trade. I wish I owned this gem six months ago.

    The company has started enjoying fruitful results from hedging since the first quarter. Gain represents 30% of total profit cumulatively. This is probably positive outcome from the ‘HEDGING‘ of cocoa products. I reckon this is a normal course of business to reduce the exposure in cocoa price and not a speculative motive.

    Hopefully, the profit is not sufficient enough to lead the management venture into commodity trade business. Good luck!

I realised that my posting last night was NOT complete. I missed posting one last table, which clearly showed Guan Chong's outstanding derivative contracts. I could have added the table into last night posting but such action could be perceived as being a snakey way to edit a posting. :P

Hence this posting... :D