Thursday, January 13, 2011

How Much Fine For Cooking Your Books? Part IV

This one?

In Chinese, if I am not mistaken, it says 'Big Pan'!

  • Directors jailed, fined over Suremax share manipulation
    Written by Financial Daily
    Thursday, 13 January 2011 14:23

    KUALA LUMPUR: The Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court yesterday sentenced Datuk Phillip Wong Chee Kheong and Francis Bun Lit Chun to 24 months’ imprisonment and a fine of RM3 million (in default six months’ imprisonment) and three months’ imprisonment and a fine of RM2 million (in default six months’ imprisonment) respectively for their involvement in the manipulation of Suremax Group Bhd shares.

    Judge Komathy SM Suppiah said: “The court has to set imprisonment terms as the new benchmark in securities cases. The securities market should be real and genuine. Market manipulation is a serious offence affecting the confidence of investors and thus an imprisonment sentence should be meted out.”

    In a statement issued yesterday, the Securities Commission (SC) said that on Jan 7, 2011, Wong, 48, and Bun, 41, were convicted under s84(1) of the SIA for creating a misleading appearance of active trading in shares of Suremax by trading in nine accounts without any change in the beneficial ownership of the shares on the stock exchange. They had been charged on Oct 25, 2005 with 38 witnesses called by the prosecution. Both accused testified when their defence was called.

    The SC stated that it would take whatever action necessary to protect investors and to maintain a fair and orderly capital market.

    “We will continue to proactively pursue market misconduct cases because such activities severely undermine investor confidence and tarnish the reputation of the Malaysian capital market,” it said.

    This article appeared in The Edge Financial Daily, January 13, 2011.

Err... "a fine of RM3 million (in default six months’ imprisonment) and three months’ imprisonment and a fine of RM2 million (in default six months’ imprisonment) "

Err... errr ...... liddis also can ah??????????????

So how brown cow?

Anyway, me still confuse hor.

The other case. The Mems case. How Much Fine For Cooking Your Books? Part III

  • MEMS was to rectify the financial statements by excluding RM49.183 million from its revenue for all the three financial statements.

    The basis of the SC's directive was that the amount was derived from transactions that never took place in the respective financial years and period.

Because of these transactions that NEVER took place, Mems were rated as a high growth stock, yes?

Wasn't that NOT the case?

And because it was deemed such a growth stock, the market valued MEMS favourably.

yeah... Mems were worth some 512 million plus!

And then.... now.... today... we learn these so-called transactions never took place.

(ps. recording transactions that never took place, this one serious or not serious? )

Eerrr.... how much the fine?

  • a six-month imprisonment term and a fine of RM300,000 each!!


Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ......

How ah?


Anon118 said...

seems like the sentencing is very uneven ("imbalance")... then again, what do I know about law? :P

Moolah said...

Ya, I do not know too much about law too.

However, recording of transactions that NEVER took place.

Now surely that should be considered a serious corporate crime, yes?

limko said...

weighing between risks and returns, that fella will do it again given an opportunity

Anon118 said...

@moolah: Ya man... I think it's serious but maybe other people don't think so... :P

@limko : Weighing between risks & returns, this might be "seen as an invitation" for all to do it again & again... LoL! :P

Kris said...

Its like a profitable biz with limited downside (sentencing seems lenient). No wonder these people are damn rich!!