Friday, January 21, 2011

How To Moderate Comments Without Reading What's Inside?

How does one moderate them sickening comments without even have to puke reading it?

Did you get them comments that you know are spam without even reading them?

Oh yeah, there's actually an option to delete without even have to read what's been written. Yes, one does not have to read any of the brain dead and utterly senseless and self degrading comments posted. Like those posted here: The Root Of All Hatred

Yes my dearest. There's no need to get all worked up and we can just save on them Sheltox.

Let them cockroach be.

Under the comments tab in blogger dashboard, click on COMMENTS.

Then scroll down and look for comment moderation.

  • We will email you at this address when a non-member leaves a comment on your blog. Leave blank if you don't want to receive these emails.
Enter your email.


Now if one used the normal way, one logs in Blogger and then clicks on Dashboard. This is what one sees.

As you can see, there are 32 comments that needs to be moderated.

Now if I know there are spam, why should I bother reading each one? Or if I know that the comments are simply GUTLESS AND POINTLESS comments posted by you know who, why should I bother? Yeah, some posts one line comments hoping that their senseless comments will cause some discomfort. LOL!

Now how do I know if there are any genuine comments in there?


Remember the comments moderation from blogger now sends these comments to your email.

Here's a screenshot.

As you can see, known spammers comments are in bold, which means that they are unread. LOL! Why waste time? :=)

Those that are genuine comments, we read and we publish.

And we are done.

Ah.. time for my morning cup of coffee.


Hicks said...

wah this fai cai samgoose aka lim thow take keep pretending as neno to spam other blogs. i think his children, wife , father and mother is damn shameful of this fai cai. he got 1 intention to spam, which is to promote his private blog to others. but why must he go so low hand to do all this shameful things. why he never hear of google adsense ah or nuffnang ah ? or too stingy to pay for google adsense.LOL.KNN samgoose. let us TA guys challeneg this goose to debate out in the public. see his balls big enough to accept the challenge or not lah.

Moolah said...

All the shameful things just to promote his big?

Serious question:

Is he better than Dali?
Is he better than Alex?

Need my answer?

Not even remotely close.

And to create hatred just to win his popularity contest?

LOL! Where is the rubber cup? He can have that cup!

ps: They say ... form is temporary. CLASS is permanent.

Sadly, he ain't got neither.


Hicks said...

well said.and you hit da bulls eye when you said that he is a big shame to malaysian and bloggers. and i like to add - mankind!! :)i wait for the day of his downfall and fall from grace, not that he has any in the first place :)

Moolah said...

Btw: I hope this blog posting acts as a tutorial for other bloggers on how to ignore what's written inside all them childish spam postings.

Yes, we don't even have to puke or get angry reading those idiotic rants. All we need to do is to ignore them.


Leetc said...

People are sick and tired of Asam's comments, we know who we are referring too.
This person is self-centred and like to boost his own ego by himself.
Some stocks recommended by him are stuck also, so what's so great?!

Moolah said...

His stock picks are stuck too? I guess this is why he's so frustated that he needs to spam blogs in multiple nicks.

Such a sad case.

value investing in malaysia said...

eat full nothing to do. how old is this guy?

Mike Forex Cable said...

Calling him FAi chai in my blog persistently seems to do the trick. Words are very powerful especially when you associate it with yourself. FAi chai is the epitome description of a pathetic spammer. He make fun of and belttle TA. I dun do likewise for FA(reverse psychology. Instead I nickname him with the system he chose ie pure FA no TA. And FAi chai is the least he expect me to coin. FAi chai is a very powerful chinese description of someone. He is shocked n dismayed. When he see so many FA chai words used in my literally eat into his subconcious. What he has left is showing you some artificially generaed new members to boost is ego. Then he will show you the hate comment by "anti-samgang" people, to generate sympathy from newbies. So never use foul language on him. When you get angry with him you will make him very happy. Ignoring him is still the best like what dali does.

Moolah said...

Messi: Some are just pure trouble makers.

Age makes no difference to their mentality.

Moolah said...

Mike: I do not think I would want to stoop that low.

The main reason for these two postings is purely to HIGHLIGHT what a loser he is.

Gaining POPULARITY via these senseless spams? What a brain dead loser!

And the problem is that he's NOT even good.

Reality hurts so bad I guess.

Anyway, it does not bug me one bit.

I moderate comments via email.

Which means, as shown clearly in this posting, I do NOT even read what's inside these spam comments from the loser.

Yup, it doesn't bug me or annoy me at all.

And the most LAUGHABLE issue is that he cannot even understand English! Yes, he cannot understand what I had written. LOL!

So much for intelligence, eh?


And him spamming a FOREX blog?


I rest my case.


Ping said...

I guess the attack is not only on your website. It must be by the same guy behind all these callous attack.

Moolah said...

Ping: Sorry to hear about that.

Many years ago, OSK188 had a forum.

Then this spammer got into an argumement with a lady user who was a TA user.

Apparently EGO is such a massive issue.

One thing led to another and things got so terrible.

And apparently OSK decided that was it and they took down the forum.

Yeah, no thanks to the spammer.

Ever since then, his hatred towards TA never ended.

And never did his hatred towards anyone who was better and more popular than him.

Such a sad case, eh?

Ping said...

Yes, you are right about his massive bruised ego.

"If someone has more, knows more, or can do more than I, the ego feels threatened because the feeling of “less” diminishes its imagined sense of self relative to the other. It may then try to restore itself by somehow
diminishing, criticizing, or belittling the value of the other person's possessions, knowledge, or abilities."

Taken from "A new earth - Awakening to your life's purpose" by Eckhart Tolle.

Moolah said...

However the greatest mystery is why should he be having a bruised ego?

Was he even good in the first place?

Last I heard, via some private messages, his stock picks REASONING was simply atrocious.

Moolah said...

And having said that, the issue of whether one is good or bad, should not even arise!

One has NO RIGHT to go around spamming other blogs under multiple nicks.

That's simply idiocy in its highest order.

Moolah said...

Think about this...

A spoilt brat has an ego problem in class.

He thinks he is good.

But apparently not.

Come finals, he comes in only 24th out of a class of 50.

And what does this spoilt egoistic brat do?

He poses under a nick and start bad mouthing all the other kids who finished above him.


needless to say...

what do you think of such pathetic action from this spoilt egoistic brat?

Alpha said...

To be frank, sam is one of the best shares blogger in world of blogger , but as a man he has a lot to learn about politeness and respect.

Moolah said...

Politeness and respect?

I think it goes much more than that.

Best share blogger?

Check out the last couple commnets posted here


In summary..

1. He used OSK report and treated it as his own.

2. Claimed it was a LOW PE selection. It wasnt't because in reality, the company was doing poorly financially.

3. Stock report that he claimed was his, was outdated.

Yeah.. a good share blogger does things like that.

I could post more but I believe there's no need.

Ping said...

His trolling is a sort of a sad attempt at self validation and clearly, someone who suffers from neurosis.
Sam has unresolved childhood conflicts, an example of a child who has been constantly denigrated by his parents from young. He struggles to please his parents and this later is projected into the real world.
Neurotic needs are unnatural ones — they develop from the nonsatisfaction of real needs. For example, we are not born in this world needing to hear praise, but when a child's real efforts are denigrated from birth, when he is made to feel that nothing he can do will be good enough for him to be loved by his parents, he may develop a craving for praise.
A loved child is one whose natural needs are fulfilled. Love takes his pain away. An unloved child is the one who hurts because he is unfulfilled. A loved child has no need for praise because he has not been denigrated. He is valued for what he is, not for what he can do to satisfy his parents' needs. A loved child grows up with a healthy self esteem. Warren Buffett would call this "inner scorecard".
His obsessions along with many others with the need of being the best (through bragging or putting others down) is but one indication of the deep deprivation in many of us of individual recognition. Those achievements, no matter how real, serve as a symbolic quest for parental love.

"Struggle is what keeps a child from feeling his hopelessness. It lies in overwork, in slaving for high grades, in being the performer. Struggle is the neurotic's hope of being loved. Instead of being himself, he struggles to become another version of himself. Sooner or later the child comes to believe that this version is the real him. The "act" is no longer voluntary and conscious; it is automatic and unconscious. It is neurotic." Dr. Arthur Janov

View as such, his trolling is nothing personal but sadly a cry for help, a yearning for parental love.

Moral of the story, stop spending so much time on this blog and go spend some quality time with your kids.

Salvatore_Dali said...


thanks for bringing this to light in a proper factual discussion ... many years back it bothered me but like mark mc cormack said "never wrestle with a pig in the mud (or anywhere else for that matter)"... u end up the worse whether u win or lose


Moolah said...

Dali san!!!


'never wrestle with a pig in the mud'...

How true.


tklaw said...

Hi Moolah,

Heard that the way of his investing is more likely than a short term trader who buy and sale base on guts or instinct without taking into long term view. He bases on fundamental analysis fully before buy in a stock…I doubt so. His approach is rather simplistic by searching low PE counters…. He is probably good at picking second liners stocks by relying on the current theme which would offer higher returns during bull runs.

Moolah said...

tklaw: Let me repeat how I got to know about him. here

ps: This is not big talk but it was in 2006 or is it 2005, a forum member emailed me and asked me about a stock pick. It appeared written in a 'local pro' manner.

But I recognised the style of the writing. It belonged to OSK Research.

And apparently this so-called sifoo recommended my friend to buy the stock.

And one of classical reason used to buy the stock was that the stock was trading at a low PE multiple.

But I knew INSTANLY something was amiss.

The said company was NOT doing well. I knew that for a fact cos of the earnings reported at Bursa website.

But here it was... this so-called sifoo telling people the stock was BUY based on his LOW PE method.

Which was false cos the stock was doing badly financially.

And then... I noted....

the DATE of the research reprot from OSK.



That so-called LOW PE stock master, used an OUTDATED report to justify his LOW PE claim.

And naturally the stock did poorly.

Ya... low PE.

And do you know who this LOW PE stock master is?????

And that's how unfortunately I learned about his low life methods.

In summary..

1. He used OSK report and treated it as his own.

2. Claimed it was a LOW PE selection. It wasnt't because in reality, the company was doing poorly financially.

3. Stock report that he claimed was his, was outdated.


Speaks wonder about his character, doesn't it?

And I could go on and on ... but I won't. As Dali pointed out, "No point wrestling in the mud with a pig!"

tklaw said...

This guy has been excessively boosting he himself. It’s really sick to know that he claimed himself Fundamental Analyst. tarnishing the name of FA. His systematic approach to call for a pick is low PE multiple…Don’t you think it is too easy to be an FA? I would suggest him to learn at least from bullbear before talking about FA. lol

Mun Wai said...


Forget about the pig in mud. Lunar New Year is approaching.
Welcome the Rabbit instead !

Happy New Year!