Monday, August 22, 2011

How Are The Chinese Listed Stocks In Malaysia Doing?

And here's the performance of Chinese listed stocks in Malaysia since their listing.

China Ouha Winery ( CNOUHA)

K-Star Sports ( see

Maxwell. International: ( see

Multi Sport Holdings (MSports)


Sinotop is messy because it did a RTO (reverse takeover of JMI) and it had a profit guarantee too:  However, Sinotop failed to perform. See their fy 2010 Q4 earnings link: Quarterly rpt on consolidated results for the financial period ended 31/12/2010. Do read their explanation given.

Sino-Huann ( see

Sozo Global


M.A. Wind said...

Oh my, so many already, I had not really paid that much attention to them. When was the last one listed, are they still continuing with this?

When cash can not be trusted, and high margins are suspicious, then how can one invest? Madness. Bursa is going to regret this.

Moolah said...

The last one to be listed is Maxwell.

How About This China Stock Called Maxwell International?

And.... it has tons of cash.

172 million worth of cash!!!

However... according to its books its interest income only shows some 363.901 thousand for 6 months.

Rather low, eh?

Regarding XDL

XDL has more cash than debts.

Piggy bank cash of 98.3 million ringgit versus total borrowings of 19.3 million ringgit.

However... despite having more cash than debts... XDL's financial costs is more than its interest income!!!

err........ !!!

Alex said...

Media C is owned by Tan Sri Tiong. One of EonCap(used to be) director. Does this mean it is different from other chinese firm listed on Bursa?