Friday, March 16, 2007


Ok the news out, dude.

  • KUALA LUMPUR, March 16 (Reuters) - Malaysia's telecoms industry regulator, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, on Friday named four winners of licences to operate wireless broadband services.The firms are Bizsurf, which is 50-percent-owned by YTL E-Solutions (YTLE.KL: Quote, Profile , Research); MIB Comm, a unit of Green Packet Bhd (GRNP.KL: Quote, Profile , Research); Redtone International (RTON.KL: Quote, Profile , Research) and Asiaspace Dotcom, the regulator said on its Web site.WiMax, short for wireless interoperability for microwave access, allows super high-speed Internet access and file downloads from laptops, phones or other mobile devices over greater distances than previous technologies. Wimax can blanket entire cities with high-speed wireless connections and is a longer-range version of the popular WiFi technology used to connect to the Internet in public spaces like coffee shops. It is cheaper to set up and run than the high-speed 3G connection for mobile phones.
How now My Moo Moo Cow?

So news is out.

4 winners of wimax.

Err... time to show me the moola, eh?

So how big is the piece of cake? Anyone? What's the potential earnings?

At 0.93, ytle is valued at 1.181 Billion.
At 0.815, redtone is valued at 216.788 Million.
At 5.05, greenpacket is valued at 2.212 Billion.
err... who owns Asiaspace dotcom?


Based at current valuations... can future earnings be used as a catalyst to boost the share price of these listed stocks?


~The Metamorphosis~ said...

asiaspace owned by this guy:
Abdul Ghani Abdullah

1st link:
2nd link:

who is him? i dunno.. :)