Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pintaras Jaya II

Pintaras reported its earnings tonight. ( see Quarterly rpt on consolidated results for the financial period ended 30/6/2007 )

So here's an update to my earlier posting
Pintaras Jaya.

Firstly, i will re-cycle the table again from the earlier posting for a quick and effective comparison.

Pintaras reported its fy 2007 Q4 earnings.

1. Sales revenue

  • Sales revenue came for the quarter came in at 30.492 million. Total ytd fy 2007 earnings came in at 147.436 million. ( Last fy 2006, it did 94.462 million)

2. Earnings

  • Total net earnings for fy 2007 Q4 came in at 5.287 million. Total ytd net earnings came in at 24.089 million. ( Last fy 2006, it did 10.518 million)

3. Margins

  • Net earnings margins for fy 2007 came in at 16.3%.

Much improvements for all key indicators.

Key balance sheet issues. Let's use the previous table posted in the earlier posting again.

Current cash balances is now at 65.317 million (versus 60.820 million the previous quarter)

Here is the breakdown of its cash balances.

  • Short term investments.. 24,372
    Short term deposits......... 39,162
    Cash and bank balances.. 1,783

Short term investment equates to total investments in marketable securities as at 30 June 2007. And as per it's earnings notes, this investment had carried a market value of 30.040 million. ( Company noted a gain of 2.1 million from disposal of securities)

Two things. One on hand, it's sitting on a nice gain. On the other hand, however, marketable securities can go down very fast! Would this be an issue?

Debts. No debts for Pintaras.

Dividends. Board has proposed at 10% less tax dividend. Improvement.

Company notes:

  • For the twelve months ended 30 June 2007, the Group's revenue increased by 53% to RM147.44 million from RM96.46 million in the preceding year, while profit before taxation grew by 119% to RM31.15 million from RM14.20 million for the respective period. The significant improvement in these results is mainly due to higher contribution by the construction and manufacturing divisions as well as an improvement in the performance of quoted investments over the preceding comparative year.

    The Board is confident about the performance of the Group in the financial year 2008. This is in view of the existing strong order book, the numerous tenders submitted and the anticipated implementation of more construction projects under the Ninth Malaysia Plan. The Board expects that the Group's financial performance for the financial year 2008 to be good.



WK888 said...

any comments on ekson's results? looks like margin squeeze to me...