Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Talking Balls?

I just realised I posted footie talk on this blog!

Yeah, I am pretty nuts about that game called footie and as you can tell, I am a Man United fan.

Over the weekend, Manchester United was extremely lucky against Everton. United was gifted by that moment of madness from Pineer. How could he stuck his foot out to the back is simply beyond comprehension. And Ronaldo duly slotted in the penalty kick for his second goal of the match.

Boy, Ronaldo is having a truly wonderful season.

The following video clip is a wonderful compilation done on Ronaldo.


SalvadorDali said...


No worries mate, I am a die hard MU fan as well... we suffered for a long time since the 70s, I still remember the days of Gordon McQueen, Coppell, MacIllroy, Macari ... the 90s was a magical and thanks to Fergie's vision to groom the young babes ... even so, Fergie bought unwisely in 2000-2002 .. the current crop is good and Ronaldo is still under rated... Anderson is an excellent buy, but we need to play Carrick more and buy another hard ball winner in the center like Keano... Gattuso would have been brilliant, Hargraves is a big mistake... Fletcher should play ahead of him.. back line and frontline are good... will be close this year...

Moolah said...


LOL! Yeah, I know you are simply die hard.

IMO, United main weakness this season is the fullbacks.

Teams with superior wingbacks like Arsenal had shown that United could be attacked and hurt via the wings. Wes Brown concerns me as a rightback. He's rather terrible.

Yeah, this season, looks super close.

Really fun!

ps. Happy New Year Dude!