Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Again On MMC And Senai Airport

Posted last March: Hwang-DBS Advises MMC Shareholders To Vote For SATS Purchase???

Here's a screen shot of what I wrote..

Yeah, Hwang DBS recommended MMC shareholders to approve the deal based on that incredible out-of-this-world earnings forecast of 93.3 million!!

And after that debacle, on yesterday's Financial Daily, MMC gets first cargo client at Senai airport

Yeah, first cargo client at Senai airport!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's celebrate yo!

And can someone tell me again, how much did MMC pay for the Senai Airport?

Great to allow RPT eh? (RPT = related party transaction)

On today's business times, Senai Airport to break even in 2013/2014: OSK

  • SENAI Airport Terminal Services Sdn Bhd (SATS) will only break even in 2013/2014 despite new deals and plans, OSK Research says.

    SATS is a unit of MMC Corp Bhd, which has secured a deal with MAS Cargo Sdn Bhd to launch a new weekly freighter service to Narita, Japan, and received a notification last week from the International Trade and Industry Ministry to proceed with the development of the country's second high-tech park, namely Senai High Tech Park.

    "In both cases, there are no changes to our forecasts and we continue to see SATS only breaking even in 2013/2014," said OSK in its research report yesterday.....