Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bumi Armada Is Sailing Up, Up And Away... Let's .....

And so Bumi Armada has opened up shop at the local stock exchange once again.

Stock price? Current price is now 4.04. Up 1.01 from its IPO price of rm 3.03.

Me? As mentioned before I am not the least interested. I have said it many times before and I will state it once again, how the share perform today and how the share perform in the future is none of my concern.

In reference: 4 Jul 2011:

  • And again I stress I am not the least bothered to know how this IPO will perform. Will it go up? Will it go down? Sorry I am not bothered. And I am not writing to ask anyone who wants to try their luck to buy into this IPO. Please, buy if you want to. It's your money and don't let me stop you..
In reference: 1 Jul 2011:
  • Of course it's a new stock. It's a new IPO. It's a whole new day. It's a whole new ball game. TRUE!

    And of course... there's a CHANCE that one can PROFIT from the IPO. YES! A new IPO. Chances is there to make money. Hey, don't let this posting or my past postings on Barmada stop you from buying the share. Don't let this posting deter your chance to make money. Hey your money, your decision. Nothing to do with me.

    Don't blame me if you fail to make money!

    Don't thank me if you make money too!
And my stance on Bumi Armada never changed a single bit since the day it was taken private and since the day it mentioned relisting back in 2007. ( see ) ( I realised that Bumi Armada actually tried to relist as early as 2005)

And what were all my postings all about on  then?

There's always opportunity to make lots of money from the stock market and sometimes we need to stand up as a human being and know the right from the wrong.

Simple question.

Was the minority shareholders given a bad deal when Bumi Armada was delisted?

My answer? Yes.

The injustice was done and I wrote my views exactly on the following postings: Why Don't I Give Bumi Armada A Break and How Will Previous Shareholders Feel About Bumi Armada's Re-Listing

Perhaps it best I waste my own space and repost it here once again.........


so who's EVER gonna give the poor minority shareholder a break?

Ever think about it this way?

Why should we look from that side of the.... grass?


I know where I moo from.

I am of ONE of the small minority investor in the Bursa Malaysia.

Just a small cow in the grassland.
A small cow who asks who's gonna speak for the minority shareholders who weren't given a chance to see their investment in this company 'morphed from a small, domestically focused company into a major international offshore service player'?

That's all I interested.

Sadly I know that is past history.

And I am just a tormented lost cow speaking of past injustice.

And again I stress I am not the least bothered to know how this IPO will perform. Will it go up? Will it go down? Sorry I am not bothered.  And I am not writing to ask anyone who wants to try their luck to buy into this IPO. Please, buy if you want to. It's your money and don't let me stop you..

And seriously, I own no vodoo stick that can put a curse on a stock. Serious lah. Curses don't work lah.

All I know is what had happened before.

I know.

There... I have spoken yet again on Barmada.

Good luck with you on this IPO.

Tons of shares being offered.
May you make your money.

Peace with you.


ps: I still don't care how Bumi Armada trades. :)

ps: Have you not realise that this blog is never about what stock goes up or down?

ps: If you see injustice done, what are you gonna do about it? Close your eye just cos of the opportunity to profit?


Mun Wai said...


It's not easy. Have to be knowledgeable and conscientious enough to speak out about injustice.

Hard to come by in human but found in a cow. How ironic.

Moolah said...

AhWai: Doncha strongly believe in .... believing one's own principles?

I do.

I just feel that we should always, always stand by our principles and we can never ever sacrifice it for the sake of making money.

Ah.. that's me. :)

And there went Bumi Armada's ipo.
And there went some easy money.


Give you a small tip.


Say you are a casino kaki. (ass-u-me la)
Say you got terror geng kung fu in baccarat and baccarat only.

And thru past experience... you know this is only your kind of meat... and you have bad luck on anything else...

So while walking to your table... you stumble on massive noises on ... the... the.... Besar Kecil table....

the crowd is going wild... cos a massive streak is on... and... the crowd is.... sapu-ing the bank ...


would you...... dare to join the wave and gamble on the Tai Sai table????

or would you stick to your own principal?


LOL! ... err... where the injustice? I dunno....i am just lost. :P

Moolah said...

ps: a couple of years back... there was an issue with a certain toll ....remember? well.. say you are one of those who have strong opinion on the issues.... and then you find out the toll is actually owned by this one listed company.

err.... couple years passed.... say now, present day... you got serious, serious 'reasoning' that this stock can go up, up and away.... how?

would you......... ?

Mun Wai said...

“….never ever sacrifice it for the sake of making money.”

How true! Ah Wai dislikes rent-seeking opportunists who have no principle other than to make money at the expense of others.

BTW, what do you think is the true cause of the much talked about Financial Crisis 2008?

Fragile financial system? Other inherent systemic problems? What about the demise of Enron and Barings Bank? What is the ultimate cause that collapsed all these? Moral hazard ? Yes? No? A cause has yet to be uprooted.

Moo, Ah Wai strongly believes that I am not talking big on this :P

Regarding that toll and its concessionaire (that listed co), ARMADA or other similar scenario, Ah Wai hasn’t really been tested with such “temptations”, so I do not know how noble am I. Will I succumb to devil's temptation?

The only thing I can say that all along Ah Wai lives a simple life, still striving to be less flawed :)

Moolah said...

2008? LOL! Where do I even start?

How about this blog?


Too much have been documented here. :)

ps: was just sharing some small believes of mine. Had no intention of asking you the same but I guess you do realise this.

Mun Wai said...


Yes I do understand your stance. I saw some Qs in your reply, so I answered them in good faith.

My principles :), I have been sticking to them for a long time, real long time la. I truly do not, do not, do not like rent-seeking opportunists,as soon as I trace one, I keep myself away, far far away.

I think one does not need to chase money. If one behaves decently, money would find its way to the deserved. My view la.

Moolah said...

Ah Wai: Don't worry I know what you meant. :)

Any comments on my latest posting?

Mun Wai said...

Read but not yet. Yesterday Ah Wai was feeling dizzy the whole day. I lost my ability to understand England for 5 seconds. Yes, I did.

So at the moment I am not fit to comment yet. I write rubbish which annoys you :P

Moolah said...