Saturday, October 29, 2011

And so Manchester United Got Hammered By Citeh

It's been a while since I last wrote something about

And United got hammered. We lost. We got beaten.

The incredible thing was, this hammering made many people happy. It's not that their team won. It's simply that United got whipped badly at home in a derby match.

And no, I will still support Man United and I believe many will still do for a long time. We did not support United just because they were winning.

And I will be cheering for them against Everton later.

And no, I won't be cheering like a cow on steroid just because the other team lost.


random said...


at least captain is back

ronnie said...

Supermax announced one for one bonus issue and proposal to buy back 10% of paid-up capital on 1 Nov. Price at announcemwent is RM3.72. The price was RM2.85 on 18 Oct, less than 9 market days before announcement. It has gone up 30% since 18 Oct.

Moolah said...

Ah ronnie: Err... supermax and Man United ... what relationship?

And errr.... supermax ah?

How? What? Why?


ronnie said...

There is absolutely no relationship between Man U and Supermax.

Just used your blog to plug my observation on the front running of Supermax's announcement. An acquaintance informed me that the syndicate that is front running thinks the authorities are incompetent. If indeed they are charged, the punishment is peanuts compared to the millions they have earned.

ronnie said...

Supermax share price closed at RM3.70 after reaching a high of RM3.84. Heavy distribution by those who bought earlier.