Saturday, June 09, 2012

Euro 2012: Talking Balls

Day 1: It's all about Arsene Wenger right?

The diminutive midfield playmaker named Andrey Arshavin. What a show by Arshavin! He was utterly outsanding as Russia totally outclassed the Czechs 4-1. Arsene, Arshavin has shown again that he is not a winger. Why  didn't you play Arshavin in the center? Playing him on the wings simply killed the wizard in Andrey!

And Szczesny's two moment of utter of blundering madness? This could cost the Poles dearly. If not for the lame penalty, the Greeks should have pulled a stunning comeback victory despite playing with only 10 man! Again Szczesny's blunders totally typifies Arsenal defensive woes. Hello Arsene!

2 games 7 goals! Woahhh! Surprised? Me? Loving it!

Day 2: Zzzzzzzz!!!

Denmark 1 Holland 0. What a upset! What a cool finish by Michael Krohn-Dehli.The Danes had never beaten the Dutch for 43 years and early on, it looked like Dutch would win as the Dutch had all the ball and dominated the game but they just didn't take their chances. Terrible finishing by the Dutch. Glad to see the Dutch try to play a little bit of football.

Germany 1 Portugal. German fans should by ashamed of themselves. Paper balls? Grow up! CR7 was rather disappointing.  And the Germans weren't too convincing in their victory either. They just didn't look like the tournament's 2nd favourites.

Day 3: 4-6-0??!! and Super Mario!

Spain vs Italy: Seriously? Spain playing with no strikers? 4-6-0 formation? No faith with Torres?

Spain 1 Italy 1. Italy was far the better team for me. They should have won. Cassano was superb and Mario? No Super Mario in this match. A petulant Mario? Yes. Spain was seriously lacking. They looked tired and out of ideas. Do they think they can win a third major championship, playing without a striker. Incredibly Torres decided to proof his coach right when he come on as a sub. Nice miss Torres!

Ireland 1 Crotia 3. Fell asleep. Apparently Crotia has a Super Mario playing for them! And I was expecting a nil-nil draw.