Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Man United Exits Champions League 2013.

It's a shame how Man United lost to Real Madrid.

It's a shame because it has been a LONG time since Man United played 'well' in the Champions League.

I felt United were clearly the better team in both legs and with a little bit more luck, United should have another 3 goals at least.

But that's how it is.

It's a football match and sometimes the better team doesn't win.

Them conspiracy theorist would probably chalk this off as United losing because of the referee. Despite me despising that red card decision on Nani's high kick, after cooling off from the initial outrage, I thought about it. Nani's leg did caught Arebola and a high kick is a high kick. It was dangerous because Arebola decided to challenge bravely.

I was outraged by the decision when I was watching the match. I felt Nani was playing the ball and he did not even know where Arebola was and more so, I thought Arebola barged into Nani. And to make matters worse, not one of the Madrid players were expecting neither were they calling for a red card.

The ref, however did flash the red for that high kick.

I guess a high kick is a high kick.

END of.

It's a shame.

Kudos to Mourinho for instantly reacting to the decision instantly by bringing off Arebola and sending in Luka Modric. It was a bold decision by a coach who saw this incident as an opportunity to attack, whereas Sir Alex decided to hold on and not make any changes. It was an understandable decision from Sir Alex. United was really in control and were leading 1-0 before the sending off and Madrid wasn't playing that well then. I did not even recall De Gea having to make a save during the first hlaf.

That was where the match was won and lost.

Modric, later, smashed in an unstoppable equaliser and Ronaldo followed up with a brilliant winner.

Hats off to Ronaldo.

He has improved as a player since joining Madrid and at this moment of time, he's simply unplayable. A gladiator.