Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Stock Market Is To Make A Big Buck From The Fool Of All Minority Shareholders...

kine said...

  • Stock market is for any company to make big buck out from the fool of all the majority of shareholders. They need to sell/distribute at very high price to the very greedy & excited investing public & collect/buy at the very damn dirt cheap price through buy back from their short selling activities or forceful privatization at the expense of the very ignorant public.
    This is the very uncomfortable harsh reality of true life.
 Yeah it's sad.

There are so many ways Bursa Malaysia, the country's STOCK EXCHANGE could be better.

But sadly, because it's a listed company, a business, I find it difficult to see changes.

ALL the CEOs, the present and the past, had repeatedly announce the COMPANY is seeking more revenue.

When you hear a stock exchanging seeking revenue, it clearly states the STOCK EXCHANGE is business motivated. The stock exchange just wants to make more money! Which means, company will continue stand a chance of relisting again despite how horrible it treated its minority shareholders in the past.

And yeah, less than quality stocks will be listed in our stock market.

Just look at those companies from China listed in our stock exchange.

Can you smell........