Thursday, June 20, 2013

MaeMode Defaults Its Loan Payments And Enters PN17

Just got this:

Yeah, I saw that and I see it's highlighted on the Edge also.

With that default, MaeMode is now a PN17 stock. PRACTICE NOTE 17 / GUIDANCE NOTE 3:FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT 

Anyway, I am not a bit surprised at all.

My last posting on MaeMode was on 2nd May. Time's Almost Up For MaeMode


random said...

Yup thought of you when I heard of Maemode,

Nice to see you posting updates, hope you are well

Moolah said...

That's nice of you.

I am well.

newbie said...

Dear Moolah, Did you notice the sharp fall in a number of stocks today?Stocks like BJTOTO,BKAWAN,TDM,CBIP and COASTAL plunged near the end of the session.Remembered you wrote about a similar subject some time ago.Any conspiracy theories behind such fall?Spooked quite a number of people.Thanks for your time reading this.

panaceaasia said...

Dear Moolah,

You are so right about Maemode. You saved a few investors who might have fallen into that trap.

Any other landlmines like Maemode?