Friday, September 09, 2011

Featured posting: Sime Darby's E&O bid poses policy dilemma

Blogger M.A. Wind featured an article by writer Leslie Lopez written on the Straits Times:

The opening line of the article:

  • The plot tickens and all the attention is on the SC. With the Chairman of the SC being married to the Chairman of E&O, who bought shares of E&O just before the takeover by Sime Darby, making things even more intriguing. It is time for SC's next move, and everybody is watching.


The Chairman of E&O BOUGHT shares before the takeover???

And he's married to Chairman of SC?


Do read the rest of the posting Sime Darby's E&O bid poses policy dilemma

In another blog, the following was posted: GO or no GO, Zarinah and SC under scrutiny


freddie said...

the ugly gets uglier... >_<

Moolah said...

And all this is happening when the SC is actively promoting its Corporate Governance Blueprint 2011.

I saw the Malaysian Insider article. One line was interesting.

Quote: The SC has already said it is investigating the deal although it did not note the relationship between Zarinah (picture) and Azizan.

freddie said...

no background check on zarinah when she was appointed?

tsk tsk tsk... shame on SC!

Cookies said...

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