Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fully Transparent Directors Renumeration

Full and Proper disclosure of all directors renumeration is the very first step and it's extremely paramount to all investors of Bursa Malaysia and also paramount to the nation.

Everyone can have their own views on what is justifiable renumeration and what is grossly obscene renumeration. (You can read some blog postings here: CEO Pay Excesses AT Our Door Step , Lets compare with sph , Straits Times CEO Pay Talk , Value CEO Overpaid.. )

For me, this is NOT the issue yet.

What we need to do is to ensure that the directors renumeration is truly transparent for everyone to see!

This is the very first step.

Without it, how can us form any rational opinion on what is fair and what isn't?

We will need the full without the support and the campaigning of this issue from everyone to ensure that this campaign takes off.

So what's the very first step we can do and why is it so important?

CEOs getting excessive paychecks eats into the profitability of our listed companies and it's a burden to our economy.

And the least we can do is to make our voices heard and show our support on this issue!

How about contacting MSWG?

Show them your support!

Show them as investors, we do care!

Everyone can contact MSWG here: http://mswg.org.my/contact.html

Also some details can be read here: http://mswg.org.my/mswg_events.html