Friday, May 15, 2009

A Quick Look At Uchi's Latest Earnings

Last posted Friday, May 08, 2009, Uchi: Am I Losing My Bashing Touch?

Uchi announced its earnings tonight.

I thought I would do a simple comparison.

Blogged on Wednesday, February 25, 2009, I made the following quick comments.
Yet Another Update On Uchi. I will use the table posted in the posting as a comparison.

The issues mentioned previously.

1. Product relevancy is an issue.
2. Plunging sales is an issue.
3. Plunging profits is an issue.
4. Plunging cash is a big issue.
5. Plunging dividends is also an issue.

Here is the snapshot of Uchi's earnings tonight.

Some real quick comments.

1. Sales revenue - indeed plunging.

Reason? I wonder if the product relevancy has anything to do with it?

2. Earnings plunged.

Q-Q it plunged from 11.042 million to just 2.771 million. Y-Y it plunged even worse because last fiscal year, same period Uchi made some 18.572 million!

3. Cash. It's depleting yet again.

Cash now stands at 115.3 million. Last quarter, cash was some 135.8 million.

And when cash and earnings are depleting rapidly, would the final dividend shrink again?

How now my dearest Brown Cow?


ps. regarding the stock price. LOL! I have no idea how Uchi will trade. If it goes up, you owe me nothing. Same if it goes down too. You owe me nothing.