Wednesday, November 10, 2010

And According To Sources......

I was reading the following article.

I LOL-ed like crazy!

  • New shareholders to surface in Scomi Group?
    Written by Jose Barrock
    Wednesday, 10 November 2010 14:03

    KUALA LUMPUR: Scomi Group Bhd was among the most active counters on Bursa Malaysia yesterday, with some 24.8 million shares changing hands.

    Market talk has it that there could be new substantial shareholders in the form of Indonesian investors and Middle Eastern funds surfacing in the company quite soon.

    The new shareholders, according to sources, have been accumulating Scomi Group shares on the open market for sometime now and are close to surfacing in the company.

    Details, however, were not available at press time.... ( rest of article: here )

I nearly felli off the chair when I got to that part!

Let me get this correct...

So 'according to dunno what sources' some 'new' shareholders have been accumulating Scomi Group.

However.... details were not available at press time.


I suggest the Edge ask the reporter to submit this lovely piece of article to the journalism school.


Yeah... only in the financial world....


bonny b said...

Whipping a dead horse. Everyone knows this is Sleepy's, so in today's political reality, its as good as dead. Perhaps that's why they need a mortician like Jose Barrock to say a few words as the last rites. Another rotten fish!