Thursday, February 17, 2011

Very Quick Look At Petronas Dagangan's Earnings

Posted last Aug 2010: Petronas Dagangan: Investing In A Petrol Kiosk

Petdag announced its earnings last night.

Here's the updated numbers.

* ttm stands for trailing twelve month earnings.
* cash at ttm row represents current cash.
* dividends at ttm row represents current dividends paid so far.

Rather impressive, yes?

And here's how Petdag had performed since then.


solomon said...

Yup, the petrol quality is one of the best in town. While driving, bump onto this news on my I-pad. Ariantec global director pare down stake......66million shares, still remember mtronic?? 100 million new shareholder announced....

Who is the buyer in the open market?? Illiquid stock suddenly with volume shot up.....hello...I don't know what u did last summer, but come on Regulators what is your say??

Try the MOO COW yogurt in hartamas shopping, taste good....MOOLAH, did u operate this??

Moolah said...

huh? you ok ah?

solomon said...

Ok. Thanks for asking. I opined that Petronas oil is greater in quality,that why sales go up or their F1 advertising work.

Mtronic and now ariantec, dumping of massive share in market. A bit suspicious on illiquid shares, this looks like pro work...

On yogurt, worth to taste...just happen to have the same name, just check whether u have share in it. Doubt so, after yr reply. Anyway, if u like yogurt, can try them, not own by happen eat them after my Japanese lunch.

Moolah said...



In my flawed opinion, the strength in Petdag's numbers comes from the growth of their stores.

Adding a couple of new petrol stations each year, certainly does wonder to its bottom line.

Of course, their have new products (lubricants) does help too.


bullbear said...

Yet another quarter of good sales and earnings. At 12.70 per share on Feb 17, its dividend yield of 6.8% is the highest in the sector locally and the second highest regionally.

PetDagang is Malaysia’s No 1 petroleum retailer. It is also tops in the commercial and LPG segments.

With so much free cash flow and cash in its balance sheet, one may expect the dividends to be generous in the next quarter.

Moo, being a savvy investor, is probably pumping his petrol in PetDag stations and profiting from this stock too. :-)