Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Green Packet: 12th Consecutive Quarters Of Losses, 36 Month Of Losses And ...

Green Packet announced its earnings tonight.

Some facts.

Fact. It lost some 100.112 million for the quarter.

Fact. This is the 12th consecutive quarter of losses. 36 month of losses.

. Green Packet's total losses for last 36 months equals some 439.924 million!

Green Packet raised some 98 million via rights issue last Aug. 2009.

Fact, Jan 2010. Green Packet raised some 69.176 million from a share placement.

Fact, Green Packet recently raised 322.910 million from issuance of Convertible Preference Share to SK Telekoms. ( see Sep 2010 posting: Update on Green Packet )

Fact. After tonight's earnings, Green Packet said it had some 171.962 million and some 238.190 million in borrowings.

Compare these facts to the posting made on Nov 2010: Green Packet: 11th Consecutive Quarters Of Losses, 33 Months Of Losses And....



solomon said...

Between a maxis, unifi and p1.which will u choose?

solomon said...

Between Maxis, Unifi and P1, which will u choose for usage? This will tell the future PnL??

Another shocking one on revenue for the quarter?? what did the people doing in the company....zzzzzzzzzz

Moolah said...

Was Zelan really a shocker? :P

Writing was there... long ago. Its saving grace? IJM.

I-notice said...

even though your countless write up on this 0082, yet i still see many untrained young mind being pull in by ccpuan's empty talk. though very optimisitc and have osk 'deceiving' write up report... this 0082 is a goner!! major celco haven't start retaliate yet with their upgrades!! 450K subs? chasing this number is pointless, 0082 better shows in their quarterly report more convincing, enough empty talk. but who cares uh? we are not shareholder anyway. let it sink sink sink ...

Moolah said...

I-notice: I do write on the company and not on the stock.

Stocks? Sorry I have no idea which stock will go up and which will go down. Yeah, sometimes, they do have a mind of their own. :/

Yeah.. it was just recently they were chasing 280k subsribers. Now it's 450k!

Whatever happen to 280k? They can't break even with those numbers?

Let me guess... they lowered their fees so much... it's now going to need more subscribers to break even!