Thursday, April 07, 2011

Chelsea 0 Manchester United 1: What? Roo? What?

Oh yeah!

Michael Carrick, for once this season (or rather, the last couple of seasons) had a DECENT match! Seriously! It was such a long time ago since I remember him playing well.

23 minutes into the match, Carrick fired a crossfield pass with such accuracy for Giggsy ( how young is he? And how good was he against West Ham and against Chelsea?) to drive into the penalty box, carving out the entire Chelsea defence, before pulling the ball back for an un-marked Wayne Rooney. And boy did Rooney deliver! It was incredible. Oh yeah! What? Roo? What?

( LOLOLOLOL! His celebration for the goal was downright bizarre!)

And yes, finally LUCK was with Manchester United!

Can you believe that? No 'penalty'? No 'goals'? WOW!

Ah... I had initially believed that Evra foul on Ramires should have been a penalty!

It was rather so clear on the reverse angle.

However, RoM posted the pictures!

That foul clearly happened outside the penalty box!

Chelsea should really feel hard done for not getting the free kick!

Penalty? No.

And Torres? He dived twice. Got book for his last one!

A check on the players performance.

van der Sar: Could he stay for another year? Please? Brilliant stop on Torres header.

Rafael: Sigh! He just returned from injury. Hope his injury is not serious.

Evra: What? How did the ball not go in? Made the incredible clearance off the ball to deny Lampard just before half time.

Vidic: He certainly missed Rio. With Rio next to him, he was more solid. Less hasty tackles!

Rio: Please stay fit!

Carrick: Now why can't you play like that more often?

Giggsy: Are you sure he's only 37? Yet another master class display from Giggsy!

Park: Hard working as usual.

Rooney: Incredible composure despite all the F-word nonsense!

Valencia: Damn! He's a pretty good right back too eh?

Hernandez: Not his best performance.


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