Thursday, April 07, 2011

I Am Not The One

Please do get this crystal clear.

I am not your FRIENDLY investment advisor.

Heck, I am not even FRIENDLY.

So please do not give me credit for stocks moving up or down. I seriously do not know any fancy card tricks that can help me and help you to move any traded stock higher or lower.

Yes, I am NOT the stock market hero that you could follow.

Oh no... Mitra moved up. Which means that whatever had been written on it before is of no use.

There I have said it.



Life is not fair, isn't it?

ps: Sharing is never caring all the time.

Don't believe? Uncle John simply loves Auntie Sue too little and Uncle John is so willing to share and if anyone is interested, Uncle John says they can have her!


Mun Wai said...

LOL! Those who think their investment / trading decisions /emotion would be significantly influenced after reading the Cow's write-ups should seriously consider to abstain themselves from visiting the Cow's blog!

Moolah said...

Seriously?..............???...... LOLOLOLOL


Moolah said...

One of the Xmas pressie I had always wished for each year..... is the Voodoo stick.

Oh yeah, all I want for Xmas is the Voodoo stick!

Wave it... and the stock...... plunges!

* ps.. could you tell Santi that I had been a really, really, really, really nice...............

Mun Wai said...

Your wish is granted since you had been a really 4X nice ... (due to lack of info, you fill in the blanks la!)

When you want to be naughty and whack stocks, let me know, can ah?

I hope I have no open/traded positions then :) Yeah, my little request

BTW, please don't let me get hold of your present! Sometimes, My hands tend to be itchy n they are out of control!

I might turn you into a MadCow :)

Moolah said...


now.. now.. now.. if I had the stick... that ... that... good for nothing stock... should have had collapsed by now.

But it didn't.



There... proven.

I have no magic skills to move stocks at all.

Zero. Zilch. Elek.

So fear me not.

I am NOT the one.

And I who have nothing.