Tuesday, June 21, 2011

ACE Stocks: The good apples of ACE?

The following was published on Star Biz last Saturday: The good apples of ACE

The section on Green Packet caught my attention! Oh yeah, my favourite EBITDA stock. LOL!  ( Past postings:

  • .... Green Packet
    Another ACE Market migrant is Green Packet Bhd, a mobile broadband networking solutions provider listed on the Mesdaq Market in 2005, and which transferred in July 2007.

    While still a loss-making company, group managing director (MD) and chief executive officer (CEO) Puan Chan Cheong noted in a recent media briefing that losses have narrowed year-on-year with the company on-track to achieve EBITDA or earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation break-even target by year-end.
Yeah it's still a loss-making company.

Oh yeah babe! The CEO had kept on repeating and repeating and repeating and repeating and repeating and repeating and repeating that Green Packet is on-track to achieve EBITA earnings before year-end. And since Feb 2008, we are still waiting for it to happen!

So is Green Pack a good apple?

Now there's only one true statement in the stock market.

A stock is a good stock if it makes money for you and the stock is a damn bad stock if you lose money!

Everything else does not matter.

Let's look at before and after Green Packet migrated to the main board.

18 July 2007 was the migration date: GPACKET-Transfer from Mesdaq Market to Main Board of Bursa Securities

Here's Green Packet chart as a MeSS-daq stock.

Look at that!

Now that's an awesome stock chart, yes?


Stock is up... I guess I cannot argue much that Green Packet is not a good Green apple of ACE. (LOL! Sorry I cannot resist the pun! )

Now look at this... this is Green Packet performance since it migrated to the main board.

How then?

What kind of apple is Green Packet?

This is how Green Packet had performed since listing. The dark vertical line highlights 18 July 2007, the day Green Packet migrated to the main board.

ps: This is a good example to show that the 'migration' doesn't mean the stock would be a stock market winner. Look at Green Packet. It had crash and burned since migrating to the main board.


random said...

LOL.. We will be EBITDA positive by this year!

Puan's spin doctor need to come up with something new