Monday, June 13, 2011

And The Major Shareholders Of XOX Are Laughing Happily On The Day Its Share Plunged 35%

Oh dearie me!

Many thanks to peng01 for the following pix.

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I understand that their average cost per share is so low ( see posting here ) but how could they be laughing so happily when their share created IPO Hall Of Shame when it plunged 35% on its listing day?


solomon said...

I am interested to know who is the left hand corner guy who does not smile

ronnie said...

Strange that my friends & I as mobile phone users have never heard of XOX before. Have you, dear Moola?

Moolah said...

That's correct. I too have not heard of XOX prior to its IPO!

kine said...

Where they can find such a mood to
celebrate in such situation? Hmm!
of course they know all those suckers
r screw thoroughly !

Jackie Lee said...

Moola, basically if an new IPO open upon listing; whether making money or not, it is a willing buyer or willing seller basis.

I have one experience that I would like to share with you all. Please refer to this site:

The XOX Berhad was being offer at discounted price?

Moolah said...

Jackie: Thanks for sharing. Good posting and it's certainly interesting to learn about the discount.