Friday, April 06, 2012

AirAsia Started Collecting New Fuel Surcharge Without UPDATING Their website!

Received the following comments from the posting: Months After Its Airport Tax War, AirAsia Decides To Increase Their Fuel Surchages!!!

  • weiqiao said...

    And AirAsia never update their website information, and never (dare not to) to officially tell the customer about it. Until today 6 April 2012, still stated RM 10 in their website. I made 2 bookings yesterday, but it started to charge RM 15 already!
And that's a crying shame!

How can AirAsia be  making fuel charges without updating their website????

They, AirAsia, had staged war against Malaysia Airport for the airport tax hike!

And here they are, AirAsia, charging NEW fuel surchages without updating their own website.


Try google the phrase 'AirAsia Fuel Surcharge' or



M.A. Wind said...

I am hoping for the Aussies, the consumer association, don't think they will so quickly give in. Initial proceedings have started already, but havent heard any news yet.