Thursday, March 29, 2012

3 Months After Its Airport Tax War, AirAsia Decides To Increase Their Fuel Surchages!!!

It was just recently AirAsia staged a war against Malaysia Airports fighting for the 'consumers' against the airport tax proposal.

One of my post was Featured Article: Why AirAsia Fighting The Airport Tax. In that posting I highlighted an article from Star Biz, AirAsia and Malaysia Airports urged to bury the hatchet and move on.

One statement reflected how strongly AirAsia reacted against the proposed airport tax.

  • “To all Malaysians. AirAsia has made flying affordable for all. Before, it was just for the rich. We won't allow Malaysia Airports to keep wasting money and increase charges for you. We will fight. Our campaign starts tomorrow.''

"AirAsia has made flying affordable for all...... We won't allow Malaysia Airports to keep wasting money and increase charges for you. We will fight."

That was the bold statement made on 2nd Dec 2011.

They, AirAsia said they want to make flying affordable. They don't want 'increase charges' for the air travellers consumers.

So they, AirAsia fought and staged their war against the airport tax issue.

Well it's getting really ironic today.

Think about it first.

It was only in May 2011, AirAsia implemented fuel surcharges (ahem! )

Here's the link to the statement made on their website: AirAsia to introduce fuel surcharge on 3 May


Think about it.

They implemented the fuel surcharge on 3 May 2011. They said they will remain committed to being a low-cost model and they will do their best to offset the price hike to their customers.

Would I be wrong to say that this is perhaps one of the reason they staged their war against the airport tax issue. Think about it. They wanted to be a low-cost model. With Malaysia Airports increasing the airport tax, that would surely affect the pricing, yes? Hope my reasoning is not wrong.

But anyway, that's the past.

It's now only March 2012. About 3 months after the airport tax war.

Yesterday, 28 March 2012, RHB wrote an article saying AirAsia would increase their fuel surcharge by 30-50%!!

Yes, by 30-50%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whatever happened to their 'committment' to keep their prices low?

Here's the snippet of the research report.

Note: Yeah, due to this fuel surcharge, RHB reckons that this fuel surcharge hike will boost AirAsia profits by 8-11%!


RHB Research reckons AirAsia profits will increase!!!!!!

What the .......................

And here's table 2 which highlights the fuel surcharge increase.

What the .................................

Domestic flights will be increased by rm10 to rm 15??????

A 50% price increase?????

And there's no fuel surcharge for domestic flights in Thailand and Indonesia???????

What the ..............................

How can it be??????

Why no fuel surcharge in Thailand? Is it influenced by any way by the proposed listing of AirAsia Thailand????

What's happening here????


Heineken Pilsener said...

moola, i think you might be interested in this.

my first impression? WTF

Moolah said...

What? WHat? WHAT???

That's absolutely disgusting!


weiqiao said...

And AirAsia never update their website information, and never (dare not to) to officially tell the customer about it. Until today 6 April 2012,

still stated RM 10 in their website. I made 2 bookings yesterday, but it started to charge RM 15 already!