Thursday, March 29, 2012

Say It Isn't So That Astro Wants Relisting Again!!

Got the following comments:

HP: This is why I hold Bursa Malaysia responsible for all these shenanigans.

As mentioned many times before, Bursa Malaysia should never had been allowed to be a listed entity. As a business entity, it needs and wants more business. So when a business is seeking listing (even though it's a relisting exercise), Bursa as business seeking profits, Bursa would always welcome any relisting.

So, as some have argued, business lists to make profit. They take it private because it's a profitable exercise. And they would also relist because it's also profitable.

And what does turn Bursa into? An ATM machine? A Stock Exchange with a revolving door where companies can come and go as they wish? Such mockery!!

I think Bursa needs to be tough. Real tough.

Companies can always delist. It's their rights to do so.

But.....  BUT .... BUT ..... BUT .....  as a governing body Bursa needs to stand up and have the guts to make it much tougher for these businesses to relist again. Let them delist anytime they want. But when they want to relist, impose a time frame for companies seeking relisting. For example, you can only relist after 8 years after you delist. And/Or you can only relist but at a much lower valuation than the privatisation offer. ( For example, you do not want to see (again) company delisting at say a PE of 6 times and then only to seek relisting at a PE of 12 times! You seriously do not want such incidents to happen!)

However sadly, this now would not happen.

Business is business. Bursa is a business. It wants more profits. More listing means more profits. That's the simple and sad equation.

And if Astro wants relisting, sadly I think, Bursa would allow their relisting.

But what can we, the investing public, do? Should we be a gullible investor and minority shareholder and allow these companies to make a mockery of our money? Well, I think we can do something about it.

We need to be strong and we need to stand up to these companies.

Just tell them "NO".

Simple as that.

Don't buy their shares.

Forgo all those IPO seduction.

Have the guts to say NO.

There are so many other companies we can invest in. So one less IPO won't hurt us right?


    CK said...

    Do u honestly think that Bursa Kl has enough backbone to say NO?

    The way I look at the strings of privatised & re-listing merry-go-round with this guy is as follow;

    1)Maxis de-listing, bcoz of the planned selling to Saudi Telecom is too attractive to be share.

    2)De-listing Bumi Armada & re-listing it, bcoz someone want to get money for Philippine expansion!

    3)Privatised Tanjong has part of the Armada plan. But this time is just to get someone's nominee money out of the country.

    4)Astro is the sweentener that comes from all those previous deals that goes through.

    The side effect of all this deals would be;

    Ananda's M'sia business holding stages would clear of a lot of nominee holdings in trust. Along the way he makes tons of money. Not surprise that he would be the richest M'sian comes Forbe's 2012 Billionaire survey!

    Moolah said...

    CK: Like I said, I don't think Bursa will say NO.

    From a business perspective, Bursa will say that any new listing (even if it's a relisting exercise) is a new source of revenue for them.

    How will they say no?

    And sadly this will stink up the whole market place.

    How ironic. In today's papers, SC is crying out loud that the market wants more retail investors.

    Well, how are they going to attract more retail investors when we have corporations list and delist their own stocks any how and any way?

    Avatar said...

    Phew, welcome back Moolah... Missed your posts for the past couple of weeks.

    kine said...

    Cos they know they will be suckers
    born every minute !!!

    Mun Wai said...

    Who is the culprit first came out with this idea of floating a regulatory body ?

    solomon said...

    Bursa pls put up your rules or else what make other to think that you are a good enforcer or business entities...

    Poor market then delist, good market then re-list....wa, like that sure a win loss situation for retailers.

    Big Sea said...

    ASTRO relisting is definitely on the card. Advertising already going on. The advestisement reads like " Anada delist to disect loss making indonesia operation and then list back ", Wah ! ! ! Such a saintly mamak. Surely deserve a place in heaven.

    Moolah said...

    .... eh???

    random said...

    what an effing joke?

    Moolah said...


    How are you?