Friday, March 02, 2012

Latest Development On Envair

Got the following set of comments from the posting "Since Listing, Smartag Had Reported Losses Every Quarter!"

  • Furex said...

    Dear Moola, would you mind to share on your opinion on the latest development on Envair. Thanks

The latest development on Envair?

Well.... if I am not wrong... I think the stock is in play... but whether the current play would see the stock goes higher or lower... I have no idea.

However on the corporate side.. so this ... 'carpetman' .... has announced that he had purchased back shares into Envair.

LOL! Sorry for laughing but isn't this way too comical?

So the said and much publicised plan is to push Envair into an O&G stock.

And that's about it... that's the most educated opinion I can give.

Will the O&G move payoff? Could Envair make big bucks in the future in the O&G sector?

I dunno...

Is it wise to invest based on this factor?

Best opinion I can offer is.... perhaps from a sporting perspective. Enjoy footy? Say, I ... Moolah.... went and purchased a stake in a footy club in the English SECOND division.... and then ... following my purchase (with me being an unknown... one who owns a barnyard business ... and certainly no track record in the footy business) ... boldly announce that my team would be a future success and my team would make it into the English Premier League soon. And that's all I have announced. And I did not disclose any clear plans on the possibility of me injecting money into the team and no clear plans on the coach and the possibility of new players.

Would you bet that my team would be a success? Would you bet on me and my new business?


Now back to Envair...... all I can say for now is..... How?


Mun Wai said...

Barnyard business owner, how many cows do you own ?


Moolah said...

Satu ekor!


Furex said...


Moolah said...

Sorry for such a long reply to basically say 'I dunno'.


solomon said...

Maybe this is one of the Market fire that keep the pot warmth??

Until results are shown, better stay away and look after the SATU LEMBU...???

Moolah said...

Solomon: LOL!

Yeah.. just .. satu ekor lembu... :D