Thursday, October 25, 2007

Buffett's China trip

Here is the video clip posted on CNBC website:*blog*&par=RSS.

And where is the clip of Buffett and Jack: and this page contains the written transcript:

Regarding the Chinese markets:

  • Carl: You're quoted this morning as saying the China market is still, I'm thinking, your words, 'too hot.' Too hot to buy, you need to keep looking.

    Warren: No, I, I, just said that we very seldom buy into a market that's gone up a whole lot, and I don't know anything real specific about the Chinese market or Chinese stocks. But I do know that when prices have gone up a whole lot then I'm more skeptical when they've gone down a whole lot. I really like the look of markets that have gone down rather than markets that have gone up. But I will say this, what I've seen in China just today, in terms of the industrial development in Dalian, is making a believer in me, certainly in the economy, but that doesn't mean that I think the stocks are attractive.