Saturday, October 06, 2007

Disclaimer & Closure & Some Random Musings.

First thing first. I would like to repeat this comments made by me earlier. It's a disclaimer that I should posted on this blog from day one.

See, I never thought this issue of disclaimer was important, for I thought it was redundant since I do not make any stock recommendation or advice on this blog. Second opinions, yes. A couple many times I have made open second opinions on stock. However, I have always leave my commentary open to the readers' own interpretation.

Anyway do remember this:

  • Now I do believe that you realise that I am a mere blogger and I am not an investment advisor or any sort.

    Meaning to say, I offer no one any guarantee card here. There is no
    'pink borang to isi'
    if and when anyone decides to buys or sells any shares based on what I had blogged on.

    So this is to say, I do not owe anyone anything and neither does the reader owe me anything.
Now, I would like to have closure on the series of blog posting on PSCI.
  • I read your whole posting on PSCI and I found it to be very negative, that's why I said "lousy" write-up. (The said 'argued' with me over PSCI never did happen)

It was just his opinion and yes he certainly is entitled to it.

I hope this brings to an end to this PSCI issue.

Perhaps he has failed to read and understand my writing. Was the negativity un-called for? Was PSCI not a company in a financial distress that a rescue package was needed? And the flip side, I too had stated clearly that there was just reasons to make a trading entry into the stock. However, as luck has it, there was no entry to be found based on the time period I blogged on PSCI. And just for the record again: My first blog on PSCI was on April 6th 2007. PSCI closed that day at 0.505.... On April 20th 2007, that day I reviewed my decision to stop blogging on PSCI. PSCI closed that day at 0.435. (Lowest traded price on that day was 0.41) .

Looking back at it now, since PSCI fell from 0.505 to 0.41 during the time I focused on it, I guess there is just reasons that perhaps my writings were negative.

Anyway this is passed and I hope to see closure on this issue.

However, this brings me to this nice little issue, Can a blog article affects a stock price in the long term?

Let's focus on me.

I blog on issues within the company. And I have always tried to refrain from blogging on the stock price.

Take the blog posting on EcoFirst (Kumpulan Emas). The whole blog posting focused entirely on the issue of EcoFirst shocking performance since listing. There was no mention on the stock performance of EcoFirst and neither did I state my expectation of its stock performance.

And yes, one could say clearly that it was an extremely negative blog posting on EcoFirst.

But were they unjust?

And back to blogger Seng comments on Can a blog article affects a stock price in the long term? in which if you note on the picture attachment, he was blasted for making negative comments on Crest Builder.

Hey, I too have blogged on Crest Builder:

And from day one, my issue was always focused on the overly optimistic earnings projection made by OSK analyst on the stock. Based on this very issue of overly optimistic earnings projection made on the stock, compare my very first posting Ze Numbers Game! with my very last posting on Crest Builder 2007, was I wrong on this very issue?

Now if one owns Crest Builder, do you want to fault Seng for pointing out the weakness in the company? I find that personal attack on Seng to be truly incredible. Are we living in the world where we do not accept any critics on the stocks we have vested interest in? This for me is so strange. We are talking about the stock market here and ultimately opinions and market strategies will differ. Should we go on hating someone because their opinion differs from ours? Or should we hate someone because they posted criticisms against the stocks we hold? Sadly, I seen this happening quite often.

I would like to hear comments from everyone on this very issue. What's your take on all this?

Oh.. and are comments lousy because they are negtive? (LOL! Peace newbie. :P)


JL said...

Dearest Moo moo,

I wonder what would happen to PSCI if Boustead decided not to have any interest in it.

Mati-Katak ??

Moola said...


Hard to see it happening since Boustead group is one of the main shareholder.


random said...

Dear Moo,

You are entitled to your opinion as much as I am entitled to mine. Obviously you want to voice out your opinions hence the blog.

So what matters here is how you present your opinions. If you present it in a nice way, then I will listen to you.

It matters not whether I agree with you or not, what matters is the discussion behind it. After all none of us are 100% right all of the time.

That said, the dedication to maintain a blog is an act to be admired. Please note I don't kiss anybody's butt, I'm just calling it as I see it.


Moola said...


Many thanks for your opinions.

For me, I always find what's most important is the issue in a discussion. And not who is right or who is wrong.

However, in the stock market, this whole issue becomes extremely complex when one includes the stock price into the discussion.

Stock prices, they move up and down. Sometimes they do the crab movements. How?

For example, some simple issues when stock price is included:

Am I correct if the stock price agrees with me?

However, in a stock market, prices fluctuates. So am I correct as long as the stock price 'currently agrees' with me?

Don't you find it so incredible?

For me, in the stock market, I believe what's most important is the issues behind the stock.

And this has always been the main focus of my blogging.


lsblmllms said...

any view is valuable, even from the insane. it helps to focus on the big picture and more ready to act on a macro shift.